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Vladislav Solovei
IP Banned?   One of our customers can't access (one of ip's is from IP   This is strange, but customer does not have any "Access Denied" errors in web browser. Just a "Connection timeout", and nothing else.   Is it possible to check somehow, is this IP really banned?
in Cloud Security
Indra Putra
Hi,    I just have customer than onboard on WAP, I see in the security center for WAP there's no report section. Then how to find detail information of attack that occur in more than 3 days ago (Security monitor only keep 72 hours of information window) We can see the number of attack, type off attack in security center, but I can't see where… (Show more)
in Cloud Security
Anand Kolukula
Get Answers Have a question about your SIEM connector? This is place to get answers from the Akamai engineering team and benefit from the knowledge of other SIEM administrators. Comment on this page to join the conversation.   Download Connectors We currently offer two sample packaged connectors:   1. CEF - Syslog 2. Splunk   To download either…
in Cloud Security
Barry Greene
For those interested in DOS attacks, this Flashpoint podcast with Lisa Beegle  and Craig Seeman walks through the memcached DOS attacks. They cover a range of issues around DOS attacks. You'll gain some valuable insight from Akamai Technologies DOS defense and proactive mitigation experiences.   Take note to Lisa and Chad observations from past… (Show more)
in Cloud Security
Ben Ferenzi
We’ve had a number of sites being blocked in one of our offices for a few weeks now as well as Google sporadically requiring users to fill out a captcha to perform a search.    Sites like,,  and a number of others we receive the access denied message.  We routed internet through another office and ran like that for… (Show more)
in Cloud Security
Iranna Diggi
I wanted to do investigate, what are the IPs targeting our host and what are the attack types detected for those Client IPs. What are the IP denied and alerted. this helps us to understand who are targeting us the most.
in Cloud Security
Nick Le Mouton
Is TLS 1.3 still on track for "early 2018"? Are there any dates for release?   It looks like it's going live with Chrome 65 and the IETF have done "Last Call" (02/15/2018) before releasing the final spec.
in Cloud Security
Johannes Eckerdal
Hi, I'm a bit curious on how Akamai has outlined a smooth devops way of working with API Definitions (API Protection)? The reason for asking is that when I look at what we can do in LUNA versus through OpenAPI, it seems like the APIs lacks the possibility to create new versions of an existing API endpoint in a smooth automated way. It's easy to… (Show more)
in Cloud Security
Wilson Soares
Hi,   What are the differences between "SIEM Integration" and the "Security Monitor API"? Is the security monitor API available in all security products that include WAF?   Regards,
in Cloud Security
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