January 2016 - New Kona Rule Set versions available

Blog Post created by B-C-MPC4K3 Employee on Feb 5, 2016

Going into effect on January 25, 2016, there will be new versions of rules available for use in the Web Application Firewall/Kona Site Defender products. These new versions are available through the Rule Versioning feature and no changes will be made to a customer's protection without action. Customers can view more detailed notes on these changes and new rules in the customer portal.


The list of changes follows:

Rule Additions, Deletions, and Changes.

  • 981245—Updated
  • 950103—Enhanced
  • 3000005Updated
  • 3000013—Updated
  • 3000035—Enhanced
  • 3000042—New Rule
  • 3000043—New Rule

PII Considerations
A change regarding PII was made to the following rules: 973315, 973316, 973332, 973333, and 973335.

A new Kona Rule Set 1.0 Risk Group, KRS DDoS, has been created.
A new risk group has been created in the Security Configuration workflows to streamline configuration of defenses against DDoS using KRS-based rules. The risk group contains the following rules: 3000008, 3000010, 3000011, 3000018, 3000019, and 3000036.