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Big Changes Coming to Fast DNS in 2018

Blog Post created by Hans Cathcart Employee on Dec 7, 2017

A new UI, an updated API, retiring Enhanced DNS and SOAP, and calling all REST API Developers!


by:  Hans Cathcart & Damien Coffey

Date: December 6, 2017


From its humble beginnings as the authoritative name server for a (then) little-known internet company, to today’s hyper-resilient Domain Name System (DNS) service spanning 32 countries and 250+ PoPs, Akamai’s authoritative DNS has continually been trusted by high-profile companies and organization to host their internet domains. Remarkably, as one of the earliest “cloud” services, Fast DNS has, at times, scaled to over 20 times its average load, and had a near perfect availability record for more than 15 years, routinely handling more than 10 million queries per second, with a potential to scale much higher.


Over the years, our Secondary DNS service expanded to offer support for Primary and Alias zones, one-click DNSSEC enablement, capable APIs, and tight integration with Akamai Media, Cloud Security and Web Performance services. But we’re not done.


Before mid-2018, we will be introducing a completely redesigned user-interface for Fast DNS in Luna Control Center, and adding extensive capabilities to our RESTful API. The changes will make configuring, using, and programmatically interfacing with Fast DNS even easier. Highlights include:


Luna UI:


  • Easier to use zone listing page with real-time zone status
  • A single/unified zone editing page
  • Support for additional resource record types




  • A single REST API for managing Primary, Secondary, and Alias zones
  • Ability to update Zone Apex Mapping records
  • Ability to update a single resource record without downloading the full zone


In the coming months, we will blog about specific features in more detail on the Fast DNS Community. Please follow the Cloud Security space to stay informed. Read on for screenshots from our new UI, along with a link to the draft REST API v2 RAML (RESTful API Modeling Language).



A new User Interface


Fast DNS will receive a new user interface, which retains much of the prior UI’s structure, yet enhances the capabilities and usability. We are improving zone status, searching, pagination, and combining zone settings and resource records into the same page.


Listing of Fast DNS zonesThe new Fast DNS UI will remember user preferences.


Add a Resource Record page

The new Fast DNS UI will provide in-line help.



An updated REST API


Major enhancements are also coming to the REST API. We are combining the functions of the REST and SOAP APIs into a single REST API, and exposing all UI functions through the API.


API Documentation

RAML documentation and examples will help developers interface with Fast DNS programmatically.


REST users:

For developers using the Fast DNS REST API (v1) for Primary zone management, v2 is an extensive expansion on the original.


SOAP users:

For developers using the Fast DNS or Enhanced DNS SOAP API (v1 or v2) for Primary, Secondary or Alias zone creation, modification and deletion, the new REST API (v2) will be a significant improvement, incorporating all functionality into a single API.


New API (v2) Documentation:


  • Authoritative DNS Configuration API (v2) documentation DRAFT - HTML (Community Login Required)
    • Including Schema and JSON Examples


Note: The API functions documented for v2 will not function in production until the API is released later in 2018. In production, continue to use the existing REST (v1) API functions.

End of the SOAP API


All good things must come to an end, and the venerable SOAP APIs will be retired as soon as we introduce the new UI and REST API (v2) in 2018. Customers using the current Fast DNS or Enhanced DNS SOAP API should familiarize themselves with the new REST API, and adapt their applications to the new API. We will also be contacting users of the SOAP API directly.

End of Enhanced DNS (EDNS)


For the past three years, Akamai has sold only Fast DNS, along with its DNSSEC add-on “Security Option”. For Fast DNS customers there will be no need for contract changes, unless customers wish to try out DNSSEC. Find more details on DNSSEC in Chapter 3 of the Fast DNS Integration Guide.


Long-time customers who started with Enhanced DNS (EDNS) or Cotendo Primary DNS may have continued to renew their old contracts. In 2018, we will end-of-life Enhanced DNS, and work to move all customers to Fast DNS. The good news is that this transition is mostly contractual.


You can ask your Account Executive to initiate an upgrade to Fast DNS today. For most contracts there’s no increase in price, but Fast DNS customers immediately benefit from zone-only-pricing and financial protection from DNS DDoS traffic. The only technical change involves receiving a new set of name server delegations, but this change can be completed at the most suitable time of the year for your business.

Developer Participation - A Call to Action!


Akamai loves DevOps (https://developer.akamai.com/introduction/), and our DNS Engineering team loves our API developers. (Hey, we’ve been offering APIs for our cloud-based DNS solutions since 2004.)


If you are an active Fast DNS customer that wants to help shape our evolving REST APIs - we want to hear from you! Please comment below and the product team will directly message you.


Thank you!