Akamai Community 2017 Loyalty Program Members

Blog Post created by jcardina@akamai.com on Oct 6, 2017

Congratulations to all Elite Customers and Top Contributing Employees on earning Akamai Community 2017 recognition.


Thank you for dedicating your time and support by sharing your expertise, and experiences with the broad Akamai Community. Akamai wants to reward your loyalty by recognizing you for your contributions.



Member Received Award

Certificate of recognition as a Akamai Community 2017 Elite Customer or Top Contributing Employee

Invitation to accept a digital badge from Acclaim. This digital badge contains metadata describing their qualifications and credentials, including details on how the badge was earned. These badges can be displayed on their social media or email signatures.


Also earn the badge in the Community & an additional 500 points. 

Role badge displayed in Akamai Community for Customers 

Invitation to a private Elite Group in the Akamai Community



2017 Akamai Community Elite Customers

Greg McChesney

Noriyuki Nakaoka

Nick Le Mouton

Jarred Davis

Michio Tsunekawa 

Johannes Eckerdal

Dhilip Venkatesh Uvarajan



2017 Top Contributing Employees

Herberth Alvarado

Gunther Kochmann

Manuel Alvarez

Chris Nicholson

Stuart Wakeling

Akshay Ranganath

Javier Garza

Javier Giovannetti

Josh Cheshire

Vladimir Sidorov

Jun Tokimitsu

Mike Elissen



Have questions? Visit the Akamai Community Loyalty Program page.


— Your Akamai Community Team