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Intro to the Akamai {OPEN} APIs

Blog Post created by Kirsten Hunter Employee on Sep 17, 2015

Intro to the Akamai {OPEN} Project

Many of our customers and customer developers are eager to learn about the process for creating APIs, so they can understand what the priority is for this product and have a clear understanding of our goals.  To that end, I’m going to give you a little behind-the-scenes tour so we can help you understand what’s going on on our side.


Overall Initiative

The {OPEN} APIs are part of the Open Platform Initiative - the project is designed to bring all of our APIs onto one system, with a single authentication scheme and platform.  Our guiding principal is that of API First, where we will eventually have APIs behind each of our products, and share those same APIs out to our customers and partners.

Developer support is a huge priority for this initiative, and your success is the primary goal of the Developer Relations team.  We provide documentation, tutorials, sample code and reference applications so you can get up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible.

The two main products for this initiative are Luna - the self-service portal - and the {OPEN} APIs.  The {OPEN} APIs are designed to enable both devops types of automation, such as purging the cache automatically, and integration with customers’ systems so they can bring Luna functionality into their own systems.


Development Methodology

Our development is driven from the top down - Schema Models are created for each API to ensure that customer use cases will be easy to execute and well documented.  If you’re not familiar with a schema model, it’s simply a formatted document describing the API, each end-point, and what the interaction with that end point will do, whether success or failure.



While our Authentication is different from other systems, we believe it is perfect for the needs of our customers.  With our provisioning process, an administrator can choose exactly which groups or properties a set of credentials can see, and exactly which actions that set of credentials can do.  Each set of credentials is created explicitly so the administrator knows exactly what's possible with the credentials.


API Bootcamps

Our API Evangelists will come to your company and provide a Bootcamp to help your developers get a running start.

API Bootcamps are hands-on workshops where we give developers a chance to interact directly with the APIs and get their systems set up to continue exploring and developing against our APIs.

The Bootcamps include:

  • Overview of OPEN program and APIs
  • Participants will use provided sample code to access Akamai APIs
  • Tour of Akamai’s documentation portal
  • In depth presentation on Akamai API Authentication
  • Overview of API administration and provisioning tools
  • Deep dive into API Catalog and resources – with special attention given to the Property Manager API
  • Instructor-led exercises to demonstrate code creation, testing and troubleshooting

Ask your sales team for information about setting up one of these Bootcamps.


Our Passion = Your Success

We are genuinely excited to provide these services.  In a year we have created 35 APIs, and more are coming all the time. More are being created all the time, and we listen closely to what our customers want and need.  If you have questions on using the APIs, post them here in the forum and we’ll get to them as quickly as we can.