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Automating cache purge using CCU v3 Open API

Blog Post created by Dhilip Venkatesh Uvarajan Champion on Oct 29, 2017

On my previous blog post below I have explained how I automated Akamai cache purge using v2 CCU Open API and Jenkins. Configuring Open API cache purge job on Jenkins - CCU V2 


Once the cache purge API was connected to Jenkins we saw a lot of adoption in dev community. What was interesting is that the teams who never understood what cache clearing means or never had Akamai Luna access learnt to use the simple Jenkins UI for cache clear. So far we had around ~300 successful cache purges from Jenkins. 


I wanted to improve on this further when cache clear v3 was released with CPCode and URL purge support. Now I have enhanced my API wrapper to support cache clear v3 API and it is able to clear CPCode cache in ~5 seconds. This is a significant milestone in our progress towards fully automating cache clears from Jenkins. 


Idea is that individual development teams own what CPCode need to be cleared for each app and it is pre-configured in Jenkins. When app code deployment happens through CI pipeline it automatically triggers cache clear from Jenkins as it is tagged as a dependency for deployment. This completely automates the cache clear process eliminating manual interventions.


Below you can see the job configuration in Jenkins. To be fool proof it looks exactly like the old job that was configured, this helps wih easier transition to teams and eliminates knowledge transition. 


Note: When I automated the cache purge v2, I had code written to poll Akamai every 1 minute to check status of cache purge, this is because CCU v2 took 5 minutes to finish. Now with CCU v3 being ridiculously fast (5 seconds) I eliminated the check status call because it makes no sense . This made the API wrapper light weight and improves code reusability 



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