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Brotli from Origin Now Generally Available!

Blog Post created by Carm Janneteau Employee on Mar 19, 2018

Brotli from Origin Now Generally Available!


What is Brotli from Origin?

Brotli is an open source, lossless data compression algorithm that has been known to have a higher compression rate than gzip.


Brotli from Origin specifically configures Akamai delivery to work well for customers that are providing Brotli-compressed resources at origin.  The Brotli from Origin behavior allows for Akamai to deliver the Brotli compressed resource when supported by the requesting user agent, otherwise when not supported, non-Brotli resources are used.


What is the Benefit?

Akamai now has a comprehensive Brotli solution that can be applied from resources already compressed at the origin.  By applying Brotli compression to resources, it reduces bandwidth consumption and improves web performance for a customer site above and beyond what gzip can do.


How to Enable Brotli from Origin?

  • To enable it a customer has to simply add the behavior through Property Manager (On/Off setting).   It can also be enabled through the Property Manager API.
  • It is available for all Web Performance customers.
  • It can be leveraged by all browsers that support it.  To find out if it is supported by a specific browser, go to this site:   If a browser does not supporting Brotli is used, then the non Brotli resources would be used.


How is it Different from Resource Optimizer?

With the addition of Brotli from Origin, Akamai now has a comprehensive Brotli solution which supports both origins that provide Brotli compression and for origins that do not Akamai can automatically provide Brotli compression.


Resource Optimizer (part of Adaptive Acceleration) automates the compression and delivery of cached resources for websites and mobile apps within the Akamai CDN.  What does this mean: Resource Optimizer takes resources from Origin and applies Brotli compression to them as they come into the Akamai CDN and are then cached and delivered with Brotli Compression.


Brotli from Origin extends this to support resources already compressed at origin and enables them to be served through the Akamai CDN and back to the browser.