Luna Diagnostic Tools -- An Introduction

Blog Post created by B-3-U4AUB1 Employee on Mar 31, 2015

Luna control center provides a range of self-serviceable tools that can be used:

-collect end user information,

-Run MTR races,

-check Akamai reference errors,

-perform DIG,

-Verify if an IP is Akamai IP or not,

-Check the Geo Location of an IP

-Translate an Akamaized URL

-Perform a cURL


This blog post is a small introduction on how to use these tools to get the information that can help customers troubleshoot faster towards resolution.


Luna tools are available under Configure --> Tools --> Diagnostic tools


Error Translator (# Reference Number)



-You will need to copy the reference string in the text box below (ensure it is a new reference error –preferably within 48 hours)

- Analyze button will check on the reference string and provide information on type of error and logs



URL Debugger Tool

Provide the complete URL, and this tool will give information on the DNS resolution, HTTP response headers and logs

  • There is also option to test from a specific Akamai Server and add any special request headers if necessary



Verify Akamai IP Tool

This tool gives information on whether an IP is an Akamai IP or not.



Get Domain Information (DIG) Tool

This tool will provide information on the DNS resolution of the domain name provided.

  • Tools requires domain name to be resolved, Akamai IP from where you require resolution (choose from the list or enter your own) and type of Record you want (choose from the list)



Network Connectivity Test (MTR) Tool

MTR tool will run traces from the selected Akamai IP (choose from the list or enter your own) to the domain provided in the tool.

  • You also have option to resolve the hostname. This will provide IPs instead of the hostnames.



Request Content (CURL) Tool

CURL tool will request content for the URL mentioned in the tool from the Akamai Server (choose from the list or enter your own).

  • You can choose from the list of User-Agents provided.



View Logs (GREP) Tool

This tool will get logs from the Akamai IP based on the search pattern. The search pattern can be a cp code, or URL or depending upon requirement.

  • The time window can be chosen from the dropdown.

Point to be noted, the Akamai Server IP chosen should have served traffic for the CP code for the search to be successful and provide meaningful data.



Get End User information Tool

This tool provides a URL to be used by the end user whose Tier-1 information is required.  Provide the user name and domain and this will generate a link which needs to be accessed.


This value is then recorded in Luna under “View End User Information Tool”



View End User Information Tool


This tool records the end user information like Client IP, DNS IP which is recorded by the accessing the URL that is gotten from “Get End User Information Tool”