Miguel Serrano

Screen-Scraping processes potentially affected

Blog Post created by Miguel Serrano Employee on Apr 30, 2015

Akamai is in the process of improving the underlying technology behind our customer portal Luna Control Center. We are striving to ensure that the Luna Control Center will:

  • Continue to scale to the needs of our customers.
  • Make available a set of APIs for every application that you can leverage to automate tasks and integrate with third parties
  • Enhance the User Experience as appropriate to benefit our customers and partners.



In the upcoming months, we will continue to upgrade the technology in multiple phases. The first phase of technology enhancements (released on April 16, 2015) have started. Although this did not have any visible impact for Luna users, this technology evolution may have affected systems that engage in screen-scraping activity against Luna Control Center.


Akamai does not officially support screen-scraping as an integration, although we acknowledge that customers and partners may be using this technology to automate different kinds of business processes.  Please be aware that activity around upgrading our technology will increase throughout 2015 and into 2016.  As we enter subsequent phases, Luna applications will be reframed under the new technology with potentially significant user experience enhancements.


Akamai strongly recommends and encourages customers and partners to review their screen-scraping business processes and ideally replace them with standard REST APIs that are already available in the {OPEN} portal https://developer.akamai.com, or will eventually be available when each application is upgraded.

      As a valued Akamai customer and partner, we encourage you to revisit every screen-scraping activity you may have in place and plan a migration to an automated process through APIs.  If you do not see an API that you require, please reach out to your Account Team for assistance.