Mathieu Ferasse

Configuring DSD yourself - a step by step approach

Blog Post created by Mathieu Ferasse Employee on Feb 16, 2016

As an SE I often had the feeling that when you are new to Akamai, and you start creating a configuration, the user manual can be overwhelming.

There is a lot of valuable information, allowing you to really tune how Akamai will be delivering your content, and therefore the performance you'll be receiving.

However, this requires that your configuration is already live on the platform, and your traffic has been CNAMED.


In order to simplify your on-boarding, and accelerate your "time to Akamai", we have been working on a simplified documentation to guide you through a basic DSD configuration.

This manual will get you through the process in a step by step approach, from the creation of the configuration to the activation on the platform.


This document have been designed by Akamai Solution Engineer, and is aimed to give you enough knowledge to proceed with the implementation in a self-service manner.


If you have any comments or requests regarding this document, leave a comment below.


Happy integration  !!!


Access to Luna user manual repository : <Links directly to Luna Control center and requires an active account>


Link to the step-by-step manual : Configuring DSD - a step by step approach