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Build Release *PREMIER**

Blog Post created by Herberth Alvarado Champion on May 4, 2016

Build Release *PREMIER**


Please go through below release notes to learn what is new in this version as well as bug fixes/improvements/known issues/deprecated features.


Bug Fixes

  • AEPC-992: ABCTV: Freewheel: Flash: Ad count ("n of n") is off in Freewheel with ABCTV ads
  • HTML-867: FoxNews: HTML5: HTML-AUTO Mode / Modify validation for IE 11 Win 7 & 8.0
  • AEPC-943: OWN: Flash: Add 'click' event when user clicks on FW Ad
  • HTML-735: Weather,others: HTML5: For Safari, expose inline 608/708 (text/cea-608) captions to being enabled/disabled via AMP UI and API
  • HTML-789:Sportube: HTML5: Add support for live client side midroll via API (IMA3 only)
  • AEPC-918: ABCTV: Connect Uplynk caption events to existing caption framework
  • AEPC-955: ABCTV: Flash: Initial preloader animation does not use configuration element
  • HTML-861: Samples page: Should all samples page have link pointing xml or json
  • AEPC-965: ABCTV: Evaluate Freewheel requirements for existing support
  • AEPC-967: ABCTV: Flash: Freewheel: Some ABCTV ads block mouse input
  • AEPC-968: ABCTV: Flash: Freewheel: Toggle state of play button is incorrect during midrolls
  • AEPC-936: Octoshape: Integrate Octoshape ESI samples into AMP wrapper
  • HTML-862: WebMD: HTML5: Implment click-to-pause in video area like AMP Flash, Youtube
  • AEPC-974: ABCTV: Freewheel: Investigate "Integral Ads" implementation
  • HTML-871: HTML5: Captions: Add WebVTT captions rendering support for non safari (Note: On Demand webvtt file only)
  • AEPC-983: (DUPE) HTML5: Captioning: Add support for type "text/cea-608" for internal 608/oncaptioninfo paths
  • HTML-873: HTML5: Captions: Add WebVTT sidecar captions for Safari via track creation (Note: On Demand webvtt file only)
  • AEPC-987: ABCTV: AMP: OSMF Proxy runtime error (FLASHPLR-400)
  • AEPC-988: ABCTV Flash: AMP: Freewheel click event not observed (FLASHPLR-433)
  • HTML-878: ABCTV HTML: Clone "loadingView" config view node as string in flashvar.
  • AEPC-985: ABCTV: Freewheel: Flash: "creativeParameter: object is not present on the IMPRESSION events
  • HTML-875: HTML5: Captions: Move Caption Settings Menu into its' own Mediator
  • HTML-876: JS Error stopping loading of player
  • AEPC-989: ABCTV: adComponentBreakComplete comes twice (FLASHPLR-439)
  • HTML-887: HTML5: Caption Settings UI , ON /OFF Button state change
  • HTML-872: Weather,others: HTML5: Captions: For hls.js, expose inline 608/708 (text/cea-608) captions to being enabled/disabled via AMP UI and API
  • HTML-888: ABCNews: HTML5: Player object is not being bound it


New Features






Features Deprecated



Known Issues




Any issues observed during your internal/production/customer test, you can reach out us at amp-support@akamai.com with below subject line

"[Amp-Web-Support]:followed by issue description" with following below details for quick turnaround.


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