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Akamai AMP at NAB 2016

Blog Post created by Herberth Alvarado Champion on May 5, 2016

Hi all


Here is an update about NAB Conference 2016 and our A2S Media Dev Team’s AMP contributions. We had 6 demos/touchpoints for AMP.


We achieved our goal of demonstrating to internal and external audiences that AMP is

  1. Now OTT ready (TV devices!),
  2. HTML5 & HLS ready, and
  3. A great vehicle to value-added Akamai client deployment including Octoshape


So, here below is a summary of the AMP contributions and involvement at NAB 2016.


1. AMP for Devices (iOS/tvOS) v3  in the OTT Best Practices App for tvOS

This OTT app demo by the MNI (Media CTO) team shows off the various OTT features that are being developed at Akamai: on-premise encoder (Akamai Broadcaster), live stream transcoding, Octoshape ingest, ad insertion, program replacement, low latency delivery, AMP,  Octoshape delivery. 

Specifically, the AMP SDK, now tvOS ready, provided tight integration of the following: HLS playback, accelerated (Octoshape) delivery, Media Analytics for the app all channels.




2. AMP for Devices (Android) v6  in the OTT Best Practices App for FireTV

This is Android Amazon FireTV version of the above. Specifically, AMP SDK provided tight integration of the following:  HLS playback, HLS stack including Exoplayer, accelerated (Octoshape) delivery, Media Analytics for the app all channels.




3. AMP for Devices (Android) v6  in the POC for a customer Amazon Fire TV app by Accedo

The request open up opportunity with a customer for accelerated delivery, the AMP Devices Android team executed a POC to demonstrated AMP player inside the customer's FireTV app.

Working with Accedo, the AMP team successfully replace the regular player with AMP, making it instant and easy to have tight integration of the following: 

HLS playback, enhanced HLS stack including Exoplayer, 608/708 captions, default UI, accelerated (Octoshape) delivery, Media Analytics.




4. AMP for Web Premier in the Kiosk showing Fox News playback

The Media Delivery self-guide kiosks showed off the Fox News and others.




5. AMP for Web - “Accelerated Delivery” (Octoshape)

Over at the “Acceleration Suite” run by Scott Brown and Rudy far from the convention floor, Rudy had a side-by-side comparison of non-accelerated delivery compared accelerated (Octoshape) via AMP Web.

Dozens of customers came through this location for a focused view on the media acceleration capabilities.


  image005.png image006.png


6. AMP - Soon to be ready for  PCD  (Predictive Content Delivery)

We met with PCD group, communicated our initial Android progress, and established the path for AMP integration of PCD SDKs.


See you next NAB!!