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Blog Post created by Herberth Alvarado Champion on Jul 18, 2016

Please go through below release notes to learn what is new in this version as well as bug fixes/improvements/known issues/deprecated features.


New Features

  • None



  • None


Bug Fixes

  • AEPC-1049 Flash: Caption area displays prior to playback starting
  • AEPC-1056 Foxnews: HTML5: Chromecast button showing up in Firefox and IE
  • AEPC-1058 FoxNews: Flash: Control bar is appearing when it's not supposed to
  • AEPC-1059 Asianet: Flash: API’s for Bitrate switching should be linked with UI.
  • HTML-905 html5: rapt: js error: once playback starts but kits not effecting playback
  • HTML-965 Asianet: HTML5: Create/Implement UI for Manual Bit-rate switching in HTML mode
  • HTML-974 ASIANET: seeking not possible in html5 player
  • HTML-976 Hls.js destroy - Add functionality to amp.destroy()
  • HTML-978 Weather Channel: HTML5 player volume bar icon missing
  • HTML-979 Flash: amp.destroy() API not working in wrapper flash
  • HTML-980 Flash:If loop specified, that the media element is not seeked back to the start of the media resource upon reaching the end.
  • HTML-981 html5 :If loop specified, that the media element is not seeked back to the start of the media resource upon reaching the end.
  • HTML-982 HTML5: Volume control button is non-fucntional in mobile devices
  • HTML-983 NDN: HTML5: Customer reported a click event preventing partner's modal windows from being able to close
  • HTML-985 HTML5: Clicking inside volume slider bar does not increase or decrease volume
  • HTML-986 HTML5 HLS.JS: CC are showing red
  • HTML-987 HTML5 HLS.JS: after setMedia() CC are not working on new stream
  • HTML-988 HTML5 HLS.JS: CC active by inherit don't work
  • HTML-989 HTML5: Update to latest hls.js, which brings working 608/708 support
  • HTML-990 Wrapper(Flash): mediachange event is triggered twice
  • HTML-991 asianet:html5: CC button not displayed in html5 player


Features Deprecated

  • None


Known Issues

  • None


Any issues observed during your internal/production/customer test, you can reach out us at amp-support@akamai.com with below subject line "[Amp-Web-Support]:followed by issue description" with following below details for quick turnaround.


Details Required:
*Internal or customer production url
*Steps to Reproduce
*If Desktop[ OS detail, Browser version name and no, Adobe flash player version#, Adaptive Media Player version#]
*If Device[ Device name, OS version, browser tested]