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Build Release *STANDARD*

Blog Post created by Herberth Alvarado Champion on Sep 1, 2016

Please go through below release notes to learn what is new in this version as well as bug fixes/improvements/known issues/deprecated features.


Bug Fixes

·         AEP-495 [Tracking purpose]IMA: Flash Ads: RTE and Non fatal JS error from IMA SDK obserevd in console during ad playback

·         AEPC-570 AMP Flash Externalization (parent task)

·         AEPC-711 Weather: Flash: After cancelled ad playback by new media, play/pause doesnt work on subsequent pre-roll

·         AEPC-938 OWN: Flash: preroll playing underneath initial player image

·         AEPC-951 OWN: Flash: Freewheel countdown time does not work with VPAID ad

·         AEPC-1053 Foxnews: Flash: Getting Comscore RTE

·         AEPC-1057 Video control bar appearing when it's not supposed to

·         AEPC-1058 FoxNews: Flash: Control bar is appearing when it's not supposed to

·         AEPC-1062 OWN: Flash: Getting RTE and content does not play when caption file path error

·         AEPC-1063 ABCTV: Freewheel: Flash: Add dimensions to ad metadata

·         AEPC-1066 FoxNews: Flash: Control Bar appears in the middle of the screen once you resize the player

·         AEPC-1070 WebMD: Flash: Customer report captions file is not being requested in Flash

·         AEPC-1072 JS errors in all sample pages Premier and Standard

·         AMPST-68 Chromecast button not showing up on Standard Flash build

·         HTML-935 Quebecor: HTML5: Play controls out of synch with ad playing after resuming ad from clicking in main video area (IMA)

·         HTML-1040 WebMD: HTML5: Tokenized error should be suppressed instead of throwing an exception

·         HTML-1044 ABCNews: HTML5: Typo in a few places

·         HTML-1045 ABCNews: HTML5: Playback selection is not working properly

·         HTML-1049 ABCTV: HTML5: IE11 compatibility issue in ID3-related code [FLASHPLR-1437]

·         HTML-1050 ABCTV: [AMP] ArrayBuffer.slice isn't working in IE11


New Features

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Features Deprecated

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Known Issues

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Any issues observed during your internal/production/customer test, you can reach out us at amp-support@akamai.com with below subject line "[Amp-Web-Support]:followed by issue description" with following below details for quick turnaround.


Details Required:
*Internal or customer production url
*Steps to Reproduce
*If Desktop[ OS detail, Browser version name and no, Adobe flash player version#, Adaptive Media Player version#]
*If Device[ Device name, OS version, browser tested]