Herberth Alvarado

Build Release *standard* 4.70.17

Blog Post created by Herberth Alvarado Champion on Feb 5, 2018

Please go through below release notes to learn what is new in this version as well as bug fixes/improvements/known issues/deprecated features.

Bug Fixes

  • AMPWEB-180: HTML5: IMA: Expose new property in configuration for disable flash ads.
  • AMPWEB-266: ABCTV: Add opt-in AMP implementation of caption rendering for cea-608/708 for hls.js
  • AMPWEB-52: ABCTV: [AMP] creative parameters aren’t extracted for fallback ads [FLASHPLR-1970]
  • AMPWEB-240: HTML: Create audio element for audio-only streams
  • AMPWEB-182: Implement early test of Media Acceleration 1.2 JS SDK for hls.js mode
  • AMPWEB-289: Verify "Option to turn off plugin logs thrown at console" is ok and integrate into AMP
  • AMPWEB-5 ABCTV: Api to get ads current duration is not working in safari browser
  • AMPWEB-241 With Autoplay false perform seek and play operation play overlay remains visible throughout the playback
  • AMPWEB-245 Scroll type is getting applied to captions on change i.e before clicking on Apply button
  • AMPWEB-252 React: Firefox browser exit full screen button is not working
  • AMPWEB-258 FoxNews: others: Loading/buffering indicator not showing during ad sequence
  • AMPWEB-245: Scroll type is getting applied to captions on change i.e, before clicking on Apply button
  • AMPWEB-53: Nielsen DTVR Testing across browsers
  • AMPWEB-241: With Autoplay false perform seek and play operation, play overlay remains visible throughout the playback
  • AMPWEB-254: React: Captions subtitles label by default displaying english even though captions option set to off
  • AMPWEB-259: HTML5: Destroy player during ad playback ends in infinite loop of JS errors
  • AMPWEB-263: Freewheel: Midroll: Content Playback Resume not observed in Chrome 56, 59
  • AMPWEB-267: HTML5: During post roll ad, terminate ad using API then auto-advance and recommendations is breaking
  • AMPWEB-269: HTML5: Autoplay set to false : Buffering Bar UI Visibility: Once player load complete
  • AMPWEB-270: ABCTV: Native captions are reenabled when in-stream ads begin
  • AMPWEB-272: HTML5: Freewheel: Pause AD Playback: Use Terminate Ad API
  • AMPWEB-273: HTML5: Freewheel: During AD Playback: Terminate AD
  • AMPWEB-274: HTML5: Freewheel: use "amp.ads.terminateAllAds()" API during any ad playback mode
  • AMPWEB-275: React Player : Keyboard Accessibility: Coming back from fullscreen mode: No key allocated
  • AMPWEB-276: React Player UI: Tab Focus not been made on player
  • AMPWEB-277: React: JS error is observed when clicked on Subtitles link under settings
  • Freewheel: Video duration is displayed as 00:00 and buffering bar is displayed on end of video i.e., when replay window is displayed
  • AMPWEB-279: CHANEL: Remove Chromecast plugin and add volume panel plugin missing for html5 player.
  • AMPWEB-283In index.html sample page autoplay config is overridden because of that autoplay value configured in amp.premier.json is not getting applied
  • AMPWEB-286: HTML5: DASH: Content playback not been seen in safari and firefox


New Features

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Features Deprecated

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Known Issues

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