Herberth Alvarado

Build Release *STANDARD* 4.74.20

Blog Post created by Herberth Alvarado Champion on Feb 8, 2018

Please go through below release notes to learn what is new in this version as well as bug fixes/improvements/known issues/deprecated features.


Bug Fixes

  • AMPWEB-10 HTML5: ID3: Consolidate Flash-sourced events into single timedmetadata event [HTML-1165]
  • AMPWEB-12 Bleacher: HTML5: Implement Conviva reporting capability as a plugin for HTML5 mode [HTML-1032]
  • AMPWEB-289 Verify "Option to turn off plugin logs thrown at console" is ok and integrate into AMP
  • AMPWEB-316 FLASHPLR-1652: Freewheel HTML5 Overlay ads
  • AMPWEB-323 Freewheel Overlay: Overlay should not overlap video ads on seek
  • AMPWEB-329 HTML player doesn't render ads properly when combines linear and non-linear
  • AMPWEB-333 ABCTV: FreeWheel: Ad playback not been seen if you seek just before any ad pod and allow it to continue.
  • AMPWEB-345 FLASH: player not loading in index sample page
  • AMPWEB-347 React: Localization: Prevent fatal startup but in React implementation when localized string not available
  • AMPWEB-349 Asianet: HTML5: On iphone only, Learn More is not showing! but fine on VAST inspector
  • AMPWEB-353 HLS.JS : Upgrade to 0.7.0
  • AMPWEB-363 Weather: HTML5: muted autoplay on iOS10 not working when IMA enabled


New Features

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Features Deprecated

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Known Issues

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