Herberth Alvarado

Build Release * STANDARD* 4.87.18

Blog Post created by Herberth Alvarado Champion on Mar 1, 2018
Please go through below release notes to learn what is new in this version as well as bug fixes/improvements/known issues/deprecated features.


Bug Fixes
  • AMPWEB-796 New Plugins do not load in IE 9-10
  • AMPWEB-768 IMA ads play behind black background in Safari
  • AMPWEB-738 DVR: Unlimited DVR sample not showing scrub bar in build 84
  • AMPWEB-403 asianet: Default playsinline if no config present
  • AMPWEB-419 xyvid: Flash: id3/timedmetadata event is not consolidated.
  • AMPWEB-786 Multiple parallel rendering captions displayed when tracks added at runtime
  • AMPWEB-761 HTML5: Safari browser: When amp.hls.instance.audioTracks is used in console throws JS error
  • AMPWEB-762 HTML5: Safari Browser: When seek is completed and when onCanPlayThrough event is triggered, in console(When used through API (amp.audioTracks)) could see that same audio tracks are repeating in Tracklist.
  • AMPWEB-770 Missing some sample Nielsen DTVR page
  • AMPWEB-494 Remove old token based binding system in favor of DataBinding.coffee
  • AMPWEB-722 HTML5: Multi Audio Track: Non fatal JS error could be seen in console during player load
  • AMPWEB-709 HTML5: DASH: Audio: samples page: When medium: audio for DASH content ,JS error not allowing playback to happen
  • AMPWEB-317 ABCNews: Params array value not binding during ready event of New Relic plugin
  • AMPWEB-720 Premier : Web VTT Captions text displaying beneath control bar in IOS devices
  • AMPWEB-460 Plugins: Migrate NielsenDCR to new plugin
  • AMPWEB-728 HTML5: [EVENT] When relevant tracks are selected from multi audio track menu UI, event name [AMP EVENT] audiotrackchange or [AMP EVENT] audioswitch should be triggered
  • AMPWEB-730 HTML5: [EVENT] : When autoplay button is toggled ON/OFF, event name something like [AMP EVENT] autoplaychanged should be triggered in console
  • AMPWEB-725 HTML5: Multi Audio Track: UI Enhancements for display of Multi Language in CC
  • AMPWEB-772 HTML5 : IE 11 - In UI selected quality level is not marked as selected
  • AMPWEB-773 CrownMedia: Nielsen-DTVR: Unexpected payload is causing an error.
  • AMPWEB-776 Standard: JS error breaks player to load in standard build
  • AMPWEB-783 CrownMedia: Nielsen: DCR is not being initialized in new plug-in
  • AMPWEB-784 Include React skin to release package for all custom builds
  • AMPWEB-782 Standard [React]: Flash player control bar is not present on IE9 and 10
  • AMPWEB-792 HTML5: JS errors breaking player
  • AMPWEB-793 FLASH: Flash player old UI displays instead of React UI
  • AMPWEB-781 ABS-CBN: Auth headers not working on Safari


New Features
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Features Deprecated
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Known Issues
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