Herberth Alvarado

Build Release *PREMIER* 2.91.10

Blog Post created by Herberth Alvarado Champion on Apr 20, 2018
Please go through below release notes to learn what is new in this version as well as bug fixes/improvements/known issues/deprecated features.


Bug Fixes
  • AMPWEB-865 HTML5 : Progress bar not updating on video playback
  • AMPWEB-864 HTML5 : Click on Rewind / forward button throws JS error
  • AMPWEB-859 HTML5 Share functionality: url on embed payload not working
  • AMPWEB-858 Bleacher: IMA: mediasequenceended event is not getting fired after post roll error.
  • AMPWEB-856 ABCNews: Nielsen beacons firing with `http`
  • AMPWEB-854 HTML5 [DASH] : RTE is observed whenever seek is performed
  • AMPWEB-853 HTML5: progress bar expands to the full duration of the media when media is changed
  • AMPWEB-851 HTML5 [Freewheel] : Seekbar issues during ad playback
  • AMPWEB-844 HTML5 [ HLS ] : Player freezes when quality level is changed manually
  • AMPWEB-842 HTML5 : Seek bar flickering during video playback
  • AMPWEB-837 DASH.JS Upgrade to v2.6.4
  • AMPWEB-836 HLS.JS Upgrade to v0.8.9
  • AMPWEB-827 CrownMedia: Nielsen DTVR: Plug-in is sending non Nielsen ID3 tags.
  • AMPWEB-808 Fox News: Customer requests changing from MRSS media-status to other due to possible mis-use
  • AMPWEB-788 Altitude: Support advanced workflow for stream selection
  • AMPWEB-771 HTML5: Safari Browser: DASH Multi Audio Track playback fails after 7 seconds.
  • AMPWEB-769 Fox News: Free Preview: Add Sponsorship feature
  • AMPWEB-729 HTML5 : In UI highest quality level is not marked as selected
  • AMPWEB-727 HTML5: Multi Audio Track samples : When relevant tracks are selected from multi audio track menu UI, selected audio is not getting applied
  • AMPWEB-721 Captions overlay moves above control bar when toggled different captions font size
  • AMPWEB-719 Premier : Captions text position is fixed in devices android and IOS
  • AMPWEB-668 Premier: scrubber doesn't reset to start position when switched to another content during ad playback
  • AMPWEB-66 HTML5: Implement 360/VR plugin POC via Mozilla AFrame
  • AMPWEB-34 Integrate Adobe AuthZ for ABCTV live case only


New Features
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Features Deprecated
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Known Issues
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