Herberth Alvarado

Build Release * STANDARD* 4.93.9

Blog Post created by Herberth Alvarado Champion on Apr 20, 2018
Please go through below release notes to learn what is new in this version as well as bug fixes/improvements/known issues/deprecated features.


Bug Fixes
  • AMPWEB-912: HTML5: With ads enabled and autoplay set to true, during ad playback if user pauses and then tries to resumes by clicking on playoverlay button , playback is not resumed
  • AMPWEB-911: Premier Build failing
  • AMPWEB-910: Cannot resume playback after seek
  • AMPWEB-909: Altitude: YoSpace: getInProgress is not a function error
  • AMPWEB-908: Selecting current bitrate always initially selects index 3
  • AMPWEB-905: HTML5: Multi Audio Track: When any of the track is selected from audio UI and when the audio UI is closed and reopened, the track is defaulted to first one
  • AMPWEB-901: Hallmark: Not seeing CC button on Android
  • AMPWEB-900: Bleacher: Pause instruction during IMA ad processing causes ad playback failure
  • AMPWEB-899: HTML5 [IOS] : playsinline works differently with IMA and freewheel ads
  • AMPWEB-898: HTML5 : in preplay state volume slider doesn't move
  • AMPWEB-897: HTML5: display spinner instead of play overlay whenever quality level is changed manually
  • AMPWEB-896: HTML5 [Android] : play overlay displays during playback when seeking while paused
  • AMPWEB-895: FLASH:Flash content playback not started , when MRSS Plugin is enabled
  • AMPWEB-882: Arch: Determine whether SeekedCommand workarounds are still necessary
  • AMPWEB-872: WebMD: A-frame: Add mouse speed option in aframe config.
  • AMPWEB-871: WebMD: A-frame: User cannot scroll when aframe is enabled.
  • AMPWEB-855: AMPC compiler build process fails to include FlashPlayer class
  • AMPWEB-848: CSOD: HTML IE11 uses Flash component even though it's disabled
  • AMPWEB-821: Investigate using AMP plugins with CAF receiver
  • AMPWEB-797: WhereverTV: React: Player controls mess up in sender when casting.
  • AMPWEB-712: Bleacher: HTML5: Customer reports intermittent fatal JS error in IMAProxy (due to adDisplayContainer being null)
  • AMPWEB-703: XyVid: Customer reports unexpected results in their ID3's since we move to hls.js text tracks
  • AMPWEB-71: HTML5: Implement YoSpace Ad Insertion in HTML5 mode


New Features
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Features Deprecated
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Known Issues
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