Melis Unsal

Media Services Live 4.1 – Bringing You the Best of Adaptive Media Delivery and a New UI

Blog Post created by Melis Unsal Employee on Aug 3, 2017

Understanding the challenges of providing online audiences with the quality experience they demand, Akamai set out to bridge the gap between broadcast and live streaming with our liveOrigin solution. These purpose-built capabilities include accelerated ingest with UDP transport protocol, an improved viewing experience through low latency support, 24/7 reliability with a self-healing, redundant network, secure transport of content through end-to-end TLS sessions, visibility and reporting for first-mile performance, and alternative ways to consume content with DVR and Archive features.


Media Services Live 4.1 introduces a new modular architecture and UI, effectively creating a flexible complement between reliable, scalable ingestion and origination of content with high performance delivery. With this release, we split our origin from delivery and provide immediate access and standardized support for all the key features of Adaptive Media Delivery for our customers on the Media Services Live 4 platform (such as Media Acceleration, IPv6 and Edge IP Binding).


What is the benefit for you?

  • Availability and full supportability for all the components of Akamai’s Adaptive Media Delivery solution and new features as soon as they are released
  • A modular architecture for easier integration between Akamai products and 3rd-party providers
  • Improved self-serviceability for provisioning and consumption 


How does the new architecture work? What are the UI Changes?

With the previous version of Media Services Live (MSL 4.0) all ingest, origination and delivery configurations would happen in a single page in LUNA. With the newest version of MSL 4, you will have the ability to utilize our MSL and AMD independently through setting up two separate configurations through the LUNA portal under the CONFIGURE tab. 


You will only need to go through the new UI and process for new configurations: 

    • STEP 1: Media Services Live Ingest - First setup your configurations for ingest and origination under the Media Services Live (a walkthrough is presented in the section below) 
    • STEP 2: Property Manager -  The second set of configurations to handle delivery will happen Another to handle delivery and all delivery features under Property Manager (Here is the detailed blog post to walk you through setup for delivery configurations)


Please note: If you already have an existing configuration created with MSL 4.0, you will be able to continue editing using your MSL 4.0 setup. New streams can be added with existing MSL 4.0 configurations if the configurations have already been set up prior to the July 25th release.


Here is an overview and walkthrough of how to setup your new configurations with the new UI for ingest and origination (a quick video walkthrough and quickstart guide are also available):


1) Get started by logging into to the Luna Control Center and navigate to the Media Services Live Ingest page under Configure.



2) Add a New Stream on the main page for Media Services Live Ingest by clicking on the button on the top right of the screen.



3) Setup your Ingest configurations to add stream name, input formats, Encoder preferences, and CP code. You will also have the option to turn on Ingest Acceleration for your streams, which improves encoder to ingest performance and provides more stability and reliability over the first mile.



4) Content Preparation is a new Beta feature we are offering our Media Services Live 4 customers. Ask your Akamai representative about our Beta program and find more details on our new content preparation offering here under the What’s New section.


5) Choose your DVR preferences on the next screen.



6) Set up your Origin configurations from either an existing (recommended) or new Origin Hostname.



7) Review your preferences and configurations in the final step before you create your new stream and you’re all set!


For more information:

  • The Quick Start Guide for setting up new configurations for ingest and origination in the new UI.
  • Detailed documentation on technical setup and the release can be found in the user guide for Media Services Live 4.1 here.

  • Other documentation for Media Services Live is available on the Luna Control Center > Support > User and Developer Guides

  • Get in touch with your Akamai representative to learn about our latest Media Services Live 4 Beta program!