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Media Analytics Update – Forget the Toggling, QoS Monitor Report Packs Now Consolidated

Blog Post created by Melis Unsal Employee on Feb 9, 2018


Starting October 16th, Media Analytics customers will only need to use a single report pack to configure and monitor their streams in the QoS Monitor under QoS Monitor - All. In addition to this consolidation, several new measurement dimensions have been added to improve measurement and monitoring of data in the QoS Monitor.


Details of the Release

Historically, there there have been two separate QoS report packs in the Media Analytics UI - one for Live streams under QoS Monitor - Live Events, and another for On Demand content as QoS Monitor - On Demand StreamsMoving forward, Media Analytics customers will be able to monitor and provision all their streams in QoS Monitor-All. The Live VOD 24/7 dimension outlined below will distinguish between Live, VoD and 24/7 stream subtypes within the single report pack.


Several updates have also been made to include new reporting dimensions, improved consistency, and streamlined data in the reports are outlined below and can be found in the updated  Media Analytics Metrics and Dimensions Guide and Media Analytics Getting Started Guide in the LUNA portal.  

  • Live VOD 24/7 - A new dimension for QoS report pack to identify if content is Live, 24/7 On Demand
  • Category - A new dimension now available for Live and 24/7 streams (currently only available for On Demand Streams)
  • Stream Name - Now available for Live streams. For VOD this will be reported as ‘Not Captured’ if the customer does not populate it with a value.
  • Device - A new dimension now available with the QoS report pack

Title/Event Name - Event Name will be renamed to Title/Event Name. Similar to the Stream Name dimension, it will be reported as “Not Captured” if the customer does not populate with a value.  

Old User Interface


Old QoS UI


New User Interface

New QoS UI


Customers with existing streams held separately in the older Live and On Demand report packs will be able to continue using their existing setup and not lose any of their existing data or require migration. *** However, if a customer is not using a setdata() call to set Event Name (en) the field will be reported as "Not Captured".


In order to create new streams Media Analytics, customers will need to use the QoS Monitor-All report pack. More information on how to do so is available in the detailed Media Analytics Getting Started Guide (LUNA Customer Portal --> Developer Guides --> Media Analytics Documentation Page).


New customers on boarded after October 16th will only have access to a single report pack, QoS Monitor - All, and will be able to distinguish between Live, VoD and 24/7 stream subtypes within the single report pack using the new Live VOD 24/7 dimension mentioned above.