Josh Cheshire

MSL Ingest Acceleration - Root Certificate Change

Blog Post created by Josh Cheshire Employee on Mar 27, 2018

This notification is to inform you of an update required for the Ingest Acceleration Software (IAS) Root CA. The certificate Akamai uses for the Ingest software is rotated every year. A Root CA file for validating the Akamai Ingest certificate is packaged with IAS installers. As our certificate vendor is changing from Symantec to DigiCert this year, we need to update the Root CA in IAS before rotating the certificate. All Media Services Live customers (including both Stream Packaging and MSL 4) who are using Ingest Acceleration will should make this update by April 4th, 2018 to enable secure, continued use of Ingest Acceleration capabilities.


You can download the Root CA, or the latest version of IAS (2.2.7+) which includes the updated Root CA on Luna: 

If you choose to update just the Root CA, please refer to the documentation outlining the update process at in Luna: