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Akamai Press Awareness 07/14/17: The Friday Five

Blog Post created by Chris Nicholson Employee on Jul 14, 2017


This week’s installment of “The Friday Five” follows… providing a snapshot of recent global press coverage that demonstrates how Akamai is helping customers move Faster Forward. If you see something interesting, please share it!


Highlights include:

  1. Are You Threatening Me?
  2. I Feel Nicely Compensated
  3. Document This
  4. Trophy Hacking
  5. Game On!


Akamai Delivers Cloud-Based Security, Powered by Smart Algorithms, To Thwart DNS, Malware Attacks

Integration Developer News

July 11, 2017


Akamai Technologies, well known for high-performance content delivery over the Internet, is leveraging that knowledge to deliver a high-impact security service from the cloud.


Akamai’s Enterprise Threat Protector (ETP) aims to protect against complex targeted threats such as malware, ransomware, phishing and DNS‑based data exfiltration, according to Frank Childs, senior director for product marketing at Akamai’s Enterprise Division.


The key to Akamai’s ETP is the company’s many years of expertise in DNS (Domain Name System or Domain Name Servers), which are the heartbeat of the Internet's equivalent of a phone book.


Why the Most Innovative Employers are Rethinking Total Compensation

Employee Benefit Advisor

July 13, 2017


Sarah Sardella, senior director of global benefits for Akamai Technologies, a digital content delivery company based in Cambridge, Mass., has come to the same conclusion. She says many companies focus on health insurance, which is important, but it doesn’t have to be in the gold-plated category to attract talent.


“If we’re going to spend more money, I can take that and spend it on enhanced caregiver benefits,” Sardella says. “Those tend to be something employees respond to.”


How Akamai Improved Their API Documentation


July 12, 2017


Akamai has made leaps and bounds in its API documentation since its early days. Mike Sierra over at the Akamai Developers blog explains how they improved the accuracy and consistency of their API docs in recent years.


In the early days, developer teams were in charge of different parts of the documentation. The result was inconsistent usage of terminology across docs and out-of-date explanations because developers didn’t have the time to update in a timely manner. One of the early major changes Akamai instituted was putting technical writers in charge of documentation and devising (and sticking to) consistent editorial standards.


For greater accuracy and consistency of documentation the team made the decision to move to RAML as its API descriptor language. RAML was chosen over Apiary’s Blueprint markdown-based language because RAML can be parsed more easily as a data structure. This made validating content and syncing with source code much easier. Documentation can be generated from these RAML files, which also means API docs can be updated immediately in response to changes in endpoints, data objects etc.


Let the Cyber Games Begin: Why Big Events are now Trophy Targets

The Mandarin

July 14, 2017


Intelligence and analytics collected by content delivery network and cyber resilience expert Akamai — which has been involved with media and site delivery surrounding the Olympics since 2004 — reveals that cyber has well and truly entered the central arena for sporting events.

  • London’s 2012 Olympics was hammered by substantial cyber attacks both immediately prior to the opening ceremony and on the first day.
  • Just two years later, the Sochi Winter Olympics became an attack focus as geopolitical events unfolded, again culminating with attacks spiking during the most keenly watched events.
  • Brazil, where sport, passion and controversy are rarely separated, featured next with planned and opportunistic assaults during the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and Summer Olympics in 2016 ranging in motivation from patriotism, to protests to phishing.


To compound the risk profile further, the sophistication and power of each successive series of assaults on major events has grown substantially on each occasion, making cyber resilience a first tier issue for hosts and organisers alike.


In less than a year it will be Australia’s turn.


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The 7 Best Launchers to Use for Game Delivery and Updates


July 13, 2017


Rather than simply focusing on delivering the game and allowing for updates to be made easily—much like other game launchers do—Akamai also focuses on the ongoing quality of it all moving forward. Some of the challenges they solve are ever-expanding file sizes, supporting large and sometimes global player bases, and handling periodic demand surges, some of which can be many times the daily average, especially upon first launch. They actively solve problems like long load times, reduced completion rates, and higher support costs.


In other words, Akamai is a fantastic solution for game developers who want to do more than just deliver and update their game. The company looks at those things as surface level actions, and focuses on ensuring smooth sails by limiting the different types of problems that tend to arise due to latency, congestion, and bottlenecks. Their Download Delivery system isn’t just about deliver, it’s about being reliable and high performing, being able to deliver over 100MB file-based content over the internet, while maintaining quality standards.