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Akamai Press Awareness 08/11/17: The Friday Five

Blog Post created by Chris Nicholson Employee on Aug 11, 2017

This week’s installment of “The Friday Five” follows… providing a snapshot of recent global press coverage that demonstrates how Akamai is helping customers move Faster Forward. If you see something interesting, please share it!


Highlights include:

  1. Let Us Help You with Your Struggles
  2. I Demand Protection
  3. The Wonderful World Disney
  4. Gone Phishin’
  5. Jive Talkin’


Why State and Local Government Still Struggle with Cybersecurity*

Government Computer News

August 10, 2017


State and local governments are struggling to deal with a number of cybersecurity threats. Tight budgets, lack of talent in the workforce and the constantly evolving nature of threats are a few reasons why the challenge is mounting. But cybersecurity cannot go neglected. State and local agencies store massive amounts of sensitive constituent data such as Social Security numbers, health care records and driver license numbers. And without a secure infrastructure, the public transportation systems, electric grids and water plants powering our nation’s cities remain vulnerable.


Complex attacks like malware pose a particularly large risk for state and local governments. Such attacks could cast a wide net aimed to negatively impact as many people as possible, or they could be targeted threats designed to attack a specific individual or organization. Both the reputational and financial impact that a cyberattack can have on a state and local entity can cause irreparable damage.


*Authored by Akamai’s Vice President, Public Sector, Tom Ruff


From the Internet of Things to the Menace of Things- Who’s Defending Our IoT Borders?*

The Australian

August 11, 2017


The evolution of botnets is one of the most significant trends that has happened in the cyber security space over the last couple of years. In 2016, the Internet of Things (IoT) was the trendy small talk in many living rooms around the world. But for Akamai, it was the year when the security risks of IoT devices evolved from being theoretical to becoming a practical problem, not just for consumers owning the device, but for the entire Internet. Whose responsibility was it to fix these “things” connecting to the Internet?


The risk of attacks and vulnerabilities with connected devices is going to be far larger than first perceived. Our most recent data in Australia has revealed a sharp increase in local source bots, especially Mirai, a malicious piece of code that seeks out unsecured devices and commands them to attack websites and logins. By taking over a large number of IoT devices, Mirai is able to launch large scale attacks on Australian sites, with far greater force then previous malware.


*Authored by Akamai Senior Security Specialist Nick Rieniets


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Long Live The King? Disney Takes Streaming Into Its Own Hands


August 9, 2017


Disney’s move isn’t bad news for everyone, though. The use of BAMTech’s direct-to-consumer technology may bode well for Akamai Technologies, Inc. 


“Akamai has partnered with BAMTech in the past to help deliver content, and could be positioned to benefit from an increase in BAMTech driven OTT traffic, though just initial speculation on our part,” Power and Erlikh wrote.


Five Things You Need to Know About Executive Protection


August 10, 2017


In general, it’s a good idea for executives to be vigilant in how they handle email. “A big set of scams is now the ‘CEO phishing,’ when an adversary sends out email pretending to be the CEO working on a clandestine deal, needing assistance,” says Andrew Ellis, CSO at Akamai Technologies, a provider of content delivery network services.


“The more that your normal mail looks like this, the easier it is for adversaries to get your company to behave inappropriately,” Ellis says. “Modern email clients can make it hard to tell when a message comes from outside the organization, but not all do. Consider advising your company to tag, or change colors, of all messages from outside the company.” 


How Akamai Powers Employee Collaboration and Enhances Customer Support

Jive Blog

August 8, 2017


Akamai is the world’s largest and most trusted cloud delivery platform, making it easier for companies to provide the best and most secure digital experiences today and in the future. With over 6,000 employees, plus customers and partners spread around the world, Akamai turned to Jive’s Interactive Intranet and Customer Community solutions to power seamless collaboration across departments and provide online support.


Recently, we had the opportunity to chat with two of Akamai’s community strategists, Kirsten Laaspere and Judi Cardinal, to find out how Jive is powering human connections both inside and outside the company.


Kirsten helps manage Akamai’s intranet, called Aloha, which is helping boost employee engagement and improve global collaboration. Judi supports Akamai’s external community, providing its customers, partners and guests with an environment to learn, collaborate and share across industries and technologies.




This Company Offers Some Novel Ways to Develop Globalized Mobile Games


August 7, 2017


As a CDN company that helps Chinese game enterprises go global, Akamai often appears in different types of domestic games industry conferences, events, and parties. But it seems that Akamai does not gain considerable fame in the game world.


In fact, there have been quite a few Chinese game companies that already constructed distinctive international business layout with the help of Akamai, especially across the undeveloped emerging regions.


During ChinaJoy 2017, Mr. Ye Liu – Akamai's SE manager of GC – had an exclusive interview with Youxituoluo, sharing his viewpoints on how today's Chinese companies go global.


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CoreNet Global New England Chapter names winners of 2017 Awards of Excellence

New England Real Estate Journal

August 11, 2017


CoreNet Global’s New England Chapter has named the winners of its 2017 Awards of Excellence.  This annual awards program honors the best in commercial real estate people and projects across New England. 


Corporate Real Estate, Global
Erica Chapman, vice president of the global real estate + workplace productivity, Akamai Technologies


In her role at Akamai, Chapman works to drive a comprehensive, holistic, and differentiated strategy that enables the firm to deliver on the promise of a hyper-connected world where entertainment, business, and life are empowered to reach unimagined potential. Her leadership extends to every aspect of real estate, workplace, administrative services, and security globally. Her experience includes leading the strategic direction of corporate real estate activities across markets, developing and maintaining partnerships with senior leadership and establishing corporate real estate guidelines and principles for global organizations. In addition to her long career in commercial real estate, Chapman is a licensed attorney. She serves on the board of directors of CoreNet Global’s New England Chapter and on the editorial board of the Corporate Real Estate Journal.