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Akamai Press Awareness 10/06/17: The Friday Five

Blog Post created by Chris Nicholson Employee on Oct 6, 2017


This week’s installment of “The Friday Five” follows… providing a snapshot of recent global press coverage that demonstrates how Akamai is helping customers move Faster Forward. If you see something interesting, please share it!


Highlights include:

  1. Can I Ask You a Few Questions Mr. Ramberg?
  2. Cloud Security, ‘Eh
  3. Some Good Advice to the City of Boston
  4. Tell Us About DevOps, Craig Adams
  5. Images Are Everything


5 Questions with Mark Ramberg, VP of Business Development for Media at Akamai


October 2, 2017


Mark Ramberg is a veteran of the media technology industry, having held various technical, business, and leadership roles at companies ranging from startups to the Fortune 100. Currently, Ramberg leads Akamai’s over-the-top (OTT) television business strategy where he strives to help media and entertainment companies bring the best quality, next-generation TV experiences to their audiences. Prior to Akamai, Ramberg led media business and technology efforts at such notable companies as Microsoft and Amazon Web Services.


In this week’s “5 Questions,” Ramberg discusses the future of the OTT industry and what role traditional pay-TV will play in the developing landscape.


How Government Agencies Can Beef-up Cloud Security

Canadian Government Executive

October 4, 2017


In the last few years, we’ve seen various federal governments warning up to the cloud. For instance, The United States and the United Kingdom have both instituted “cloud first” policies with regards to the adoption of cloud technologies. The Canadian federal government’s Information Technology Strategic Plan for 2016-2020 takes a more pragmatic approach by providing public sector chief information officers the option to utilize on-premises tech platforms and well as cloud services.


Despite advances in cybersecurity technologies concerns remain among government agencies about how secure the cloud is. However, there are numerous strategies that IT and cybersecurity leaders in the public sector can adopt in order to bolster their organization’s cloud security posture, according to Tony Lauro, senior enterprise security architect for cloud services provider, Akamai Technologies.


Lauro recently discussed the cyber threat landscape and cybersecurity strategies for government agencies with the Canadian Government Executive.


How to Lure Amazon to Boston*

Boston Globe

October 6, 2017


The news that Boston could become home to Amazon’s second headquarters calls to mind Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s comment about our region six years ago. Asked to name his biggest regret as CEO, Zuckerberg replied: leaving Boston.


Like Facebook, the company I cofounded was hatched on humble beginnings. We began as a research project at MIT in 1995, when Tim Berners Lee posed the problem of handling flash crowds on the Internet. He recognized that millions of people would converge on a website at the same time and bring it (and large portions of the surrounding Internet) to a grinding halt. This is exactly the kind of technically-challenging, world-impacting problem that researchers at leading universities in our region excel at solving.


*Authored by Akamai’s CEO, Tom Leighton


Automating Content Delivery in a DevOps World*


October 4, 2017


Craig Adams explores the traditional DevOps pipeline, addresses how to think about CDN automation, and explains how Akamai is baking automation into its CDN.


*Video from recent keynote at Velocity New York


Why Online Retailers Need to Optimize Images to Improve Participation*

eCommerce News España

October 2, 2017


The Internet is full of images: we find them in news, in the millions of "selfies" that populate social networks, in catalogs of products and in advertising. Now, we find it difficult to imagine effective communication without them.


Numerous studies show the relation between more and better images and superior engagement by users.


*Authored by Akamai’s Director of Product Training and Marketing for EMEA, Enrique Duvos