Julie Brancik

Akamai Community Outage - Resolved

Blog Post created by Julie Brancik Employee on Jan 12, 2018

To the members of the Akamai Community,


We want to keep you up to date on the situation related to an outage that impacted our Akamai Community. Yesterday afternoon on January 11, at 6:00 EST, our community software vendor began to experience a load-balancer failure which created an outage for many of their customers. Our vendor worked diligently to resolve the issue and it appeared to be resolved late last night.


Unfortunately, this morning we started to experience a similar issue and the community became unavailable again. Our vendor actively worked to resolve the problem.  For now, the issue seems to be resolved and our site has come back online.


We apologize for the inconvenience and disruption this has caused.


If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Akamai Community team at community@akamai.com


*Testing blog issue, please ignore.