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Akamai Press Awareness 03/16/18: The Friday Five

Blog Post created by Chris Nicholson Employee on Mar 16, 2018

This week’s installment of “The Friday Five” follows… providing a snapshot of recent global press coverage that demonstrates how Akamai is helping customers move Faster Forward. If you see something interesting, please share it!


Highlights include:


  1. Availability Is Key
  2. More on Memecached Attacks
  3. Battle Bots
  4. Ad Insertion for Cricket
  5. Brainy Bots

Availability As A Pillar Of Media

TV Technology

March 11, 2018


In this TV Tech byline article, Akamai’s Dave Lewis takes a look at the importance of video service availability from a security perspective while managing to slip in a “Knight Rider” reference. With the abundance of affordable streaming services that are available today for the consumer—the need to ensure availability is of paramount importance. If a customer is watching a sporting event and the event starts to buffer and the image becomes blurry you can be certain that those customers will shift their allegiances before the buffer can catch up.



Memcached DDoS Attacks

Collective Intelligence Podcast

March 14, 2018


Flashpoint Editorial Director Mike Mimoso talks to Chad Seaman and Lisa Beegle of the security intelligence response team at Akamai about the recent and record-setting Memcached DDoS attacks.



AI Can Help Battle Bots


March 13, 2018


Akamai solution engineering manager Drew Reinders spoke with MeriTalk, a government IT publication, about the need for bot managers and particular requirements. “Right now, many Federal websites are one-way consumption,” he explained.  “As we expose more two-way interaction with public-facing sites where user names and passwords are required, that is where the risk will increase.”



SonyLIV Banked on Akamai to Leverage Ad Insertion for India-South Africa Series

Indian Television

March 15, 2018


In a story about SonyLIV’s use of Akamai for live ad insertion during the India-SA cricket series, Akamai’s Sidharth Pisharoti discusses the the importance of providing high-quality experiences for viewers and advertisers. “While the challenge on the one hand is to keep audiences engaged with a TV-like experience, the equally hard part is ensuring that advertisers see value in leveraging digital platforms to drive views and consequently, revenue through advertisements. With Akamai’s capabilities, we were able to successfully deliver what audiences and advertisers wanted over the course of the India-South Africa series.”



Why bots are too smart for their own good

Tahawul Tech

March 14, 2018


This Tahawul Tech column discusses the development and capabilities of Akamai’s Bot Manager, explaining that it “delivers a simple but effective solution, and detects a range of data points, including mouse movements for a desktop login and hand movements for a smartphone, to distinguish between whether the user is a human, or a bot.”





Why it’s worth investing in website performance


March 12, 2018

The attention span of website visitors nowadays is very short, but still investments on design are higher than on performance. The decision by Google to better rank fast websites on mobile, seems to have established a change. Performance will become part of the SEO ranking and companies should pay attention to this.


* Authored by Akamai’s Michael Gooding



By 2020, There Will Be another Billion Players


March 14, 2018


At the White Nights games industry conference in Prague, Akamai’s Nelson Rodriguez presented on where the next billion video game players will come from, how the availability of high-speed internet will help get us to that milestone, and some of the associated business considerations that come with so many players.


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