Kevin Wetter

V1 ARL + Metadata Behavior Change - Starting Feb 12, 2016

Blog Post created by Kevin Wetter Employee on Feb 12, 2016

As part of our ongoing security improvements (as we highlighted in this report from August 2015), starting today (Feb 12, 2016), we are beginning to deny v1 ARL (a.k.a. legacy ARL) traffic that is currently NOT associated with a metadata configuration.  This denial is being implemented in a staggered manner, and is expected to complete on Feb 22, 2016.


Please note that in advance of this change, we have evaluated the V1 ARLs that are currently in use and explicitly allowed  some traffic that does not have a configuration associated with it. This is intended to provide some additional time for these customers to ensure that metadata is associated with these V1 ARLs.


If your site(s) need to support v1 ARLs, please associate your v1 ARL token(s) to a metadata configuration in Luna Control Center.  If one/more of your tokens are being explicitly allowed to be served without a configuration, your Akamai account team will be reaching out to you to either associate the token(s) to a configuration, or move the traffic off of v1 ARLs altogether (which Akamai recommends).


If you have any questions/concerns, or believe that you are negatively impacted by this security measure, please reach out to your Akamai representative (or Customer Care 24x7).


Kevin Wetter

Akamai Customer Care