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CPS Self Service is now generally available for all customers as of Monday March 28 !

Blog Post created by Rajiv Aaron Manglani Employee on Apr 4, 2016

Hello all.


CPS Self Service is now generally available for all customers as of Monday, March 28 !


Akamai’s Certificate Provisioning System (CPS) enables customers to self-provision and manage their SSL/TLS certificates on Akamai’s Secure CDN. CPS is available to all customers, direct and indirect, who have the HTTPS Option. This includes customers of Web Experience, Media, and Security products. Partners and resellers can use it to manage their customer contracts. CPS can be accessed via “SSL Certificate Management” in the Luna Portal.


Prior to CPS, customers would need to rely on Akamai’s professional services and system operations teams for all certificate management activities. CPS saves customers time, speeds time-to-market for new secure sites and apps, and empowers customers with more control.


With the initial release on Feb 18, 2016, customers can:

·     Initiate new certificate requests

·     Update existing certificates

·     Add/remove SAN hostnames

·     Update corporate info

·     Change cipher profiles

·     View certificate request status

·     Turn on Change Management to inspect and approve new certificate versions

·     Create secure edgehostnames (in Property Manager)


New in this GA release:

·     Certificate testing in Staging through the use of Change Management

·     Email notifications through Salesforce on notable certificate activity (renewal started, waiting on Change Management, new or modified certificate deployed, and failures requiring user action)

·     CPS API (now in beta)


For help with CPS, please read the CPS User Guide, or reach out to your Account Team or Customer Care.