Fast Purge is now in Limited Availability!

Blog Post created by B-3-15T0CEP Employee on Sep 28, 2016

Fast Purge is now automatically enabled for all customers.

The Fast Purge UI has already been rolled out to all customers, and you are welcome to integrate with the new Fast Purge API. All delivery and acceleration products qualify. No action is required to opt in.


With the Fast Purge API, you can automate your publishing flow to maximize performance and offload without compromising on freshness. Switching to a Hold ‘Til Told methodology, you can cache semi-dynamic content with long TTLs, and then refresh it in approximately 5 seconds with Fast Purge.


The Fast Purge UI is particularly powerful to rapidly fix mistakes made in published content, and it can be found on the Publish tab in the Luna Control Center mega-menu, as shown in this example:



When will I get access to the Fast Purge UI?

It should be available on your account already! If for some reason you cannot find it, please contact Akatec or your Akamai account team.


Can I still use the legacy Content Control Utility (CCU) User Interface in Luna?

Yes. The legacy CCU UI will be available in parallel until Fast Purge is ready to fully replace it in 2017. In the meantime, you can use either tool, at any time.


When should I use the legacy Content Control Utility (CCU)?

If you need to purge by CP code or require email confirmation for purge completion, you will still need to use legacy CCU. You can also continue to use the Enhanced Content Control Utility (ECCU) under the CCU tab.


Fast Purge will support purge by CP code and purge by content tag in 2017. You will be able to use purge by content tag to emulate ECCU-type purges on Fast Purge―stay tuned for more information. Support for email confirmation is not planned for Fast Purge at this time.


How do I use Fast Purge via an API?

Fast Purge is supported in the CCU V3 OPEN API. Besides integrating with the V3 API, you will need to enable Fast Purge in the Luna Fast Purge Transition Application, which allows you to seamlessly switch your CCU V3 API requests between CCU and Fast Purge (see screenshot). Older versions of the CCU API are not affected, and can be used in parallel.


You may also find this blogpost about how to migrate to the new API helpful.




When will Fast Purge support purge-by-cpcode and purge-by-content-tag?

Fast Purge by CP code and by content tag (new) will be introduced in 2017.


Will Fast Purge be supported on older versions of the CCU API and on PublishECCU API/UI?

No. To leverage Fast Purge, you will need to integrate with the new CCU V3 OPEN API. With Purge-by-tag in early 2017 you will be able to emulate most ECCU functionality.


Can I use Fast Purge to refresh my HD libraries?

No. You can only use Fast Purge for individual URLs. Please continue to use the HD Content Control Utility for HD links.