Turning on Adaptive Acceleration in the new Akamai Ion Release

Blog Post created by B-3-MPRKDJ Employee on Feb 28, 2017

Introducing Adaptive Acceleration

An all new Akamai Ion was introduced to the world on February 28, 2017. This new release includes a set of advanced performance optimizations collectively known as “Adaptive Acceleration”.  Adaptive Acceleration can help you deliver rich, personalized experiences to your users faster and more easily than ever before with intelligent automation powered by real user data.

Akamai Ion detects device characteristics and automatically determines the optimal time to push content, and can preconnect to 3rd party resources to help avoid bottlenecks.  These capabilities are referred to as Automatic Server Push and Automatic Preconnect, respectfully.  They’re just the first two of an ongoing set of features we expect to add to Adaptive Acceleration in the coming months and years.

Best of all, these new features can be enabled with the flick of a switch.

In this blog, we’ll provide existing Ion customers the basics you need to know, and the actions you can take today to begin taking advantage of these optimizations.

Is Adaptive Acceleration available to me?

Adaptive Acceleration is available to all Ion Standard, Ion Premier, and Ion Media Advanced customers.

Are there prerequisites to enable and begin using Adaptive Acceleration?

Both RUM (Real User Monitoring) and HTTP/2 are required to fully realize the features with Adaptive Acceleration. RUM provides the necessary real user data for the learning engine to decide what to push and preconnect.

HTTP/2 is used for "Automatic Server Push". This optimization is part of the HTTP/2 standard (Akamai adds the intelligence to allow for it to be automated based on user behaviors). If you do not have HTTP/2, you can still enable Automatic Preconnect.

Note that the “Automatic Server Push” feature only pushes resources that are deemed "pushable" by the certificate of the base page.  Because of this, the resource(s) that are being pushed need to be included / covered by the certificate being used on the base page.

I’m an Akamai Ion customer - how do I turn on Adaptive Acceleration?

We’re glad you asked!

Customers can use the Luna Portal to search for and add the behaviour called Adaptive Acceleration to any existing configuration rule, or within a blank rule. Customers can save the configuration and push to the Production network to allow the Learning Engine to begin determining the best opportunity to use Automatic Server Push and Automatic Preconnect, based on user traffic.

How do I know Adaptive Acceleration is working?

To determine whether Adaptive Acceleration is working, use the Adaptive Acceleration Report under the Monitor menu in the Luna Portal.

The report shows all of the pushes and preconnects that are applied across the site and on specific pages.

When will Adaptive Acceleration be available for use?

Adaptive Acceleration is available NOW to all Ion Standard, Ion Premier, and Ion Media Advanced customers.  To turn it on using the directions included in this guide, please log into the Akamai customer portal.

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