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Blog Post created by B-F-F08DRX Employee on Jul 19, 2017

As you've no doubt heard, Akamai has acquired SOASTA and we are pleased to carry the banner of SOASTA's products forward as Akamai CloudTest, mPulse and TouchTest.  As a former CloudLink user, you’ll find all the same content as before, and more.  In fact, many of the best practices and methodologies from our Performance Engineering and Web Performance Analyst teams are now available.  


Note: You may find some broken links that point back to CloudLink, which we are aggressively fixing as we uncover them.  See below for more information.


Here are some quick links to get you started:






Please note that the discussions from CloudLink are in the process of being moved to the Akamai Community and will not show up at this time.  They should be imported soon.  If you want to ask a question you can click above or navigate to the appropriate Space and choose to ask a question and see if there may already be an answer.


If you see a link with the arrow pointing up and to the right, as shown below, that means it's pointing to URL that is not in the Akamai Community, many of which are still referencing CloudLink.   As a short-term workaround, depending on your browser, if you hover over the link you will see the title of the article.  If it's a CloudLink URL, you can search with a few words from the title to find the article in the Akamai Community.