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Technical Support for CloudTest, mPulse and TouchTest

Blog Post created by Steve Scott Employee on Jul 21, 2017

[UPDATE: 9/20/17]


Akamai has acquired SOASTA and our Technical Support team is focused on the continued delivery of a great Support experience for the CloudTest, mPulse and TouchTest products.  To enhance the Support offering for these products, we are expanding the global Support team (formerly SOASTA Support) focused on these products and will incorporate it within Akamai's Support team.  As we proceed through the process of uniting resources for you, we will be changing contact points and addresses.  Those changes will be updated here.  Rest assured, we are here to help you when you need us, so please reference this post to ensure you are up to date on how to reach us.  Eventually, we will be fully incorporated in Akamai Technical Support, so you will have one place to go for all of your Akamai Technical Support needs.  In the mean time, please use the following touch points when reaching out for help with these three products:


General Product Questions


If you have general product questions, how-to questions or you are looking for best-practice advice, we recommending searching for answers or posting questions in one of the product-specific community discussion areas below, where we have both active internal experts and customer contributions on those topics.






Support Requests



New Technical Support requests for CloudTest, mPulse or TouchTest products will be handled in Akamai's case management system.  To access this, log into Luna and click on "Support" in the upper right.  It will take you to The Support Page.


This is the recommended method for opening a new case, and is required if you need to identify your request as an urgent or priority issue.


Active Support requests already submitted to the previous SOASTA Support case management system are being migrated to the Akamai case management system, unless they are resolved prior to migration.  No new requests will be accepted in the previous ticketing system.




To contact Technical Support by email when you need assistance with CloudTest, mPulse or TouchTest, please include your name, a contact number, and the product in question, in addition to the details of your request when submitting your request to the following email address:


Phone Support


Technical Support for these products will soon be accessible through the primary Akamai Technical Support phone line.  For now, please use the above methods for reaching out to Technical Support for CloudTest, mPulse and TouchTest.  If you have an urgent issue, please use the ticketing system, which allows you to identify your issue as urgent and will trigger our rapid response procedures.