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ICP Framework Updates

Blog Post created by Prateek Waghre Employee on Aug 22, 2017


In 2005, MIIT issued regulations for Non Commercial Internet Content/Information Provider and stated that any internet content/information provider was not allowed to provide internet content service without a valid ICP Beian filed in the MIIT’s ICP system. Since then, the ICP Beian has been a mandatory requirement for all ChinaCDN customers.

With the internet industry and CDNs being relatively new to China at the time, to foster industry growth, the authorities did not strictly enforce the local hosting requirement during the ICP Beian process and with consent from the local authorities, ChinaCDN was able to provide this solution to all ChinaCDN global customers.


From 2016 onwards, a series of enforcement notices (see links 1, 2 and 3 below) have collectively stated that organizations who intend to serve their websites to end users in China must do so from servers located within China, and are required to setup hosting under the domain with a China based ISP.

So, what is happening now?

In July 2017, the MIIT further clarified that CDN services are strictly prohibited without a valid ICP (see link 3 below). As such, the government has signaled their intention to more strictly regulate how it issues and enforces the use of ICP Beian. Akamai and its partners in China agree that these requirements will affect customers with existing ICP Beian as well as those looking to procure new ICP Beian.


Due to this stricter enforcement of the ICP registration rules by MIIT, customers need to host  the domain’s www hostname, with a licensed hosting service provider in China. e.g. to obtain an ICP for

What does this mean for new and existing ICP registrations?

Any new ICP Beian applications or updates to existing ICP records will require the www domain of the TLD in question to be hosted locally in China(eg. or Any sub-domain of the TLD other than the www, will not suffice. Content can be delivered on an alternate domain (eg. or which can be hosted at a global data center located outside of China.


Customers that previously procured their ICP Beian registration via Akamai’s partner relationships also need to update their existing ICP Beian records with local hosting provider information before the end of November 2017. If you do not have a preferred hosting provider in China, Akamai will be happy to facilitate discussions with its partners.


Please contact your Akamai account team  to understand if your ICP registration is affected and guidance on possible next steps.


If you are not aware of your account team’s contact information you can obtain this information from Luna Control Center (Support > Contact Support > More Help > Akamai Team for …...).

If you do not see this option in Luna, please reach out to your PoC at the Akamai partner through which Akamai services have been procured and request them to put you in touch with your Akamai team.


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