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A New User Experience for Web Performance Reporting

Blog Post created by Mark Nadler Employee on Oct 9, 2017

Valued Customer,


This week, Web Performance is publishing a set of new Reports with an improved user experience.


What’s Happening:


  1. A new link, “Reporting (Beta),” is appearing in the “Monitor” menu.
  2. A set of Web Performance reports based on your Akamai Services will be available in this new experience.  The list of reports will grow as more reports are published.
  3. Older versions of published reports will remain visible for approximately 90 days after the new reports are published, and then will be removed from the "Monitor" menu.
  4. Existing active Recurring reports will be re-scheduled before old reports are removed.
  5. Feedback surveys will be made available within the new reports, to collect your feedback and let Akamai know what you want to see next.
  6. Highlights of the new experience include:


What’s Changing:

Why it Matters:

New consolidated "Reporting (Beta)" menu link under "Monitor" and available report list with auto-complete functionality.

Easier to find Reports of interest.

Updated UI & visualizations.

Updated look with improved User interactions.

Users can multi select and multi deselect CP Codes / traffic segments with auto-complete functionality.

Easier to find data of interest, removing reliance on A-Z and 0-9 sorting.

User's previous filter selections for a report are remembered and applied each time they view it.

Users can pick up where they left off.

Some reports will support extended data retention and be able to present data for > 90 days, as data is accrued.

Users will be able to see greater amounts of historical data for select reports.





Date/time selections are paired with more data granularities and time zone selections.

Users have more control over the window of date/time they wish to examine.

Users can change the timezone within the report, without having to go back to their Profile.

Users will be presented 5 minute data granularity for 1 day ranges with all timezones, 1 hour data granularity for 1 week ranges with all 1 hour timezones, and 1 day data granularity for 1 month/year ranges with UTC 00:00 (GMT).

Filters and DateTime selections apply to all data visualizations in a Report.

Consistent User experience within reports.


Updates to scheduling flexibility and output format.

Users can configure custom “Weekly” and “Monthly” schedules, can edit existing schedule parameters and do not have to schedule multiple parts of the same report.  


"Image" and CSV outputs are available.  

Reporting OPEN API will be available for reports.

Enables more ways to interact with Akamai data

Help contains information on how to use Filters, Date/Time selections, and new features, along with concise explanations of each report’s content.


Easier to read and find information within Help.

UI Users will be prompted to schedule reports with large data sets for delivery via e-mail.

Improve success rates for larger data sets.




Thank You,


The Web Performance and Reporting Teams