Enrique Duvos

Latest Akamai Ion is here!!!

Blog Post created by Enrique Duvos Employee on Oct 26, 2017

During the annual Edge Conference in Las Vegas, Akamai introduced the latest updates to Ion. 

Akamai Ion can help you deliver rich, personalized experiences to your users faster and more easily than ever before, using Akamai's machine learning engine to determine optimizations from real user behavior, and without recurring effort.


Below is a list of the key features that Ion provides, and the best thing, all of these great capabilities are available today, at no additional cost, for any Ion Standard, Ion Media Advanced and Ion Premier customer, by simply enabling them in the Akamai customer portal:


  • Effortless Browser Performance:

    Automatically adapt to site changes and users with Adaptive Acceleration (click here for more details). Effortless machine learning technology to determine performance optimizations from real user behavior:

    • Learning Engine: Uses real-user data to automatically determine optimizations.
      • Critical path identification new!
      • Mobile and desktop detection new!
    • Automatic Push: Leverage HTTP/2 to push content to render earlier.  Added H2 priority protocol to ensure critical resources arrive first new!
    • Automatic Preconnect: Accelerate 3rd party connections with W3C Preconnect
    • Resource Optimizer new! : Brotli and Zopfli to reduce the size of critical resources
    • Script Management beta! : Track and manage the impact from 1st and 3rd party scripts


  • Best Mobile App Experience:

    Drive greater application engagement optimizing mobile user experiences across variable network types and connectivity conditions:

    • The Mobile Application Performance SDK is now available to all Ion customers, including Ion Standard
    • Universal Cache new! :Honors cache control headers for all requests passing through the SDK to allow your app to be more resilient to network fluctuations
    • Network Awareness: Optimize apps based on networks quality data
    • Adaptive Network Optimizations new! :Identifies the optimal network profile depending on the connecting network quality, connection type, carrier and device type
    • SureRoute for Cellular: Identifies the optimal ISP region behind a mobile packet gateway to fetch content across a cellular network.
    • Content Prepositioning: Push content to the client during times of high network availability, in order to have that content at the ready when the client needs it. Preposition popular content new!
    • Analytics and Reporting: Improve app performance by identifying bottlenecks; measure both standard performance events, such as time-to-first-byte, as well as custom events within the app


  • Maximum Agility for Developers: Go beyond caching with powerful edge capabilities, integrating Akamai’s Cloud Delivery Platform into your existing DevOps workflows via a programmable, automated, and repeatable interface (Akamai for DevOps):
    • Fast Activation: Deploy custom configurations globally in less than 10 minutes (3 minutes in test environments). New early testing and configuration validation configuration allows developers to deploy a new configuration and test it quickly before it goes across the platform new!
    • Fast Fallback: Return to a previous stable configuration in seconds to reduce risk associated with new optimizations and configuration changes new!
    • Fast Purge: Adds purge by URL, by CP Code, and by Cache Tag to gain flexibility and precision in maintaining control over cache controls new!
    • Property Manager API Custom Behaviors: Custom behaviors are read-only, like advanced features, but they’re designed so that users can apply the same customized XML metadata to many properties at a time. Now custom behaviors allow users to reuse advanced metadata between configs new!
    • Onboard & Configuration Assistant: Support for Adaptive Acceleration and Image Manager Configurations to onboard more quickly new!


Please log into your Akamai customer portal, where you will be able to try Ion via the Marketplace, or if you are an existing Ion customer, activate and use features like Adaptive Acceleration.