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Bot Manager now available

Blog Post created by Miguel Serrano Employee on Feb 25, 2016

Bot Manager provides advanced strategies to flexibly manage the long-term business and IT impact of bots.

Release Date:

February 29th, 2016

New Product Release:

Bot Manager helps organizations to better manage the automated traffic from the wide range of “good” and “bad” bots interacting with their websites. By providing capabilities to identify, categorize, take action on, report on, and analyze different types of bot traffic, Bot Manager allows each organization to customize their bot response to their business and IT requirements.


Features included:

In this first release, Bot Manager's main capabilities include:

  • Over 1,300 Akamai-defined bot signatures in 15 categories from common web and business services.
  • The ability to create customer-defined bot signatures and categories for individual bots specific to each customer.
  • A comprehensive set of real-time detection techniques to detect unknown bots
  • Advanced management actions including tarpit, delay, serve alternative content, and serve from alternate origin
  • Bot Activity report for high-level visibility into bot traffic
  • Bot Analysis report for granular visibility into bot traffic, with the ability view traffic across 10 dimensions, add filters to drill down into specific areas of concern, and see sample log traffic
  • Support for Akamai Log Delivery Service
  • Site Shield (optional)
  • Security Optimization Assistance (Optional)


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