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Akamai Introduces New Image Optimization Service: Image Manager

Blog Post created by Anthony Larkin Employee on Sep 26, 2016

Release date:

September 2016



Akamai Image Manager allows you to engage online audiences with attractive images that are automatically optimized for both maximum visual quality and performance while reducing the cost and effort to transform and deliver web-ready images.

  • Faster time to market
  • Reduced storage cost
  • Lighter and faster pages
  • Quality without compromise


Feature highlights:

  • Perceptual Quality Algorithm

    Lightens the weight of your images while maintaining the best visual quality by intelligently calculating and applying a precise degree of compression for the maximum level of byte reduction that is imperceptible to the human eye.

  • Auto-convert Image Format

    Image Manager will automatically detect and convert images to software-specific image formats to take advantage of advanced levels of compression that WebP, JPEG-XR, and JPEG 2000 can offer for users on Chrome/Android, iOS/Safari, and IE/Windows software.

  • Auto-resize for Mobile Screens

    Automatically resize images for mobile devices based on viewport width so that mobile users are not over-downloading images that are larger (and slower) than they need to be to fit their screen size.

  • Policy-based Artistic Transformations

    Store only a single pristine asset and dynamically create derivative images to meet artistic requirements managed through policies that consider breakpoints, help to standardize image attributes, and make future design changes less cumbersome.

  • Easy and Flexible Integration

    You can use any web-accessible storage location, and image manager is compatible with your existing publishing and purging workflows, giving you full control over your image assets and infrastructure decisions and allows you to gain maximum benefit from your CDN solution.


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