Akamai introduces update to flagship Web Application Firewall and DDoS Mitigation Solution:  Kona Site Defender

Blog Post created by B-3-XH9UGV Employee on Mar 14, 2017

Release date:

March 13, 2017



Kona Site Defender protects web sites, mobile communications, and APIs from targeted application security and Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks. The March release of Kona Site Defender brings the following improvements to the our flagship Web Application Firewall and DDoS mitigation product:  


  • API protection

    Kona Site Defender protects customers from malicious API calls using both positive and negative security models

  • Multiple Security Configurations

    Kona Site Defender provides large organizations the ability to create multiple security configurations across divisions or geographies.  Each configuration includes separate access and workflows.

  • Custom Rule Builder

    Kona Site Defender includes a customer-accessible Custom Rule Builder, giving customers the ability to customize security configurations themselves.

  • IPv6 Rate Controls

  • DDoS and Application Attack Activity Reports

    Akamai's security center now includes improved DDoS and Application Attack Activity Reports, with a 90 day window.


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