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Akamai Introduces New Performance Enhancements with Media Delivery 4.5

Blog Post created by Alex Balford Employee on Aug 21, 2017

Release Date

Q3 2017


Akamai is excited to announce the addition of new enhancements aimed at optimizing performance and improving support for media delivery use cases as part of the latest Media Delivery release (v4.5). These optimizations are designed to improve delivery performance for customers using Download Delivery, and enhance live video streaming use cases for existing customers using Adaptive Media Delivery. Akamai is also pleased to announce critical performance optimizations for Akamai partners that have embedded Akamai CDN capabilities into their respective cloud offering using Akamai’s Wholesale Delivery.

Fᴇᴀᴛᴜʀᴇ Hɪɢʜʟɪɢʜᴛs:

Foreground Download

To many digital media companies, download speed matters. The introduction of the foreground download option to Akamai’s Download Delivery offering is designed to help video game publishers and other high-tech customers optimize their end-user’s download experience. Customers with Download Delivery can now add foreground download to enhance online delivery performance for high-priority downloads such as games, software, apps, and other files. Interested customers should reach out to their account representative to have the option added to their contract. Please note this requires some PS assistance to provision.


The benefits include:  

  • Enhanced Origin Offload: Advanced caching and prefetching settings reduce response times and decrease the number of requests back to origin.
  • Enhanced Delivery Performance: Maximized throughput performance resulting in better end user performance.


Optimizations for Live Video Use Cases

Akamai has introduced several improvements to its Adaptive Media Delivery product for customers with live video use cases such as live events and live linear OTT services. These enhancements build upon the self-service performance optimizations previously released as part of Delivery 4.4 for video on demand (VOD) use cases. The optimizations are only available initially for customers using a Media Services Live (version 4.1). Customers that use Media Services Live 4.1 in conjunction with the Adaptive Media Delivery suite will directly benefit from these enhancements and may configure their settings within the property manager.

The optimizations provide our partners with:

  • Simplified Product Configuration Process.
  • Enhanced Delivery Performance.
  • Improved Origin Offload.


To learn more about the Live optimizations, click here.


Video on Demand and Large File Optimizations for Wholesale Delivery

Akamai partners that embed Akamai CDN capabilities into their cloud offering through Akamai’s Wholesale Delivery product may take advantage of new performance optimizations now offered on top of our existing web delivery capabilities. These features enhance the delivery performance for VOD streaming and large file downloads, and offer our partners a simple way to better serve their customer’s media delivery use cases.


Partners who use Wholesale Delivery will benefit from consistent streaming quality and blazing fast download speeds, as well as:


  • Simplified Configuration Process for Large File Download and On Demand Streaming Use Cases.
  • Advanced media use case support to customers.
  • Deliver enhanced online media experiences.