What will be {OPEN} APIs’ 1st birthday present?

Document created by Miguel Serrano Employee on Sep 30, 2014Last modified by Miguel Serrano Employee on Mar 13, 2015
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We have the cake and the candles (well, just one for now) ready.


Next week {OPEN} APIs will turn 1 year old. At Edge’13, Akamai unveiled this great initiative and since then the catalogue of APIs has grown and became more comprehensive.


Now it is time to celebrate the first anniversary. And what do you typically do in such a relevant date? How do you come up with the best gift for your wife, husband, parents or children when you celebrate a birthday? You not only think in a present that is great itself, you also want something that is compelling and related to the one who will be honored.


Here is what we thought. There is a parallel world to APIs: the User Interface world. In our case, this parallel world is Luna Control Center, the user portal to manage all Akamai services. And what has been the most relevant happening in Luna lately? If you are a Luna user, you probably guessed: Property Manager. Let’s review some facts and figures.


Property Manager has been a true game changer. Since it was released in early 2013, we have seen more and more customers and partners using it. If you are not familiar with this application, the best way to think about it is a self-service tool that allows you to create, edit, modify and ultimately control your assets published in Akamai platform. The great story of Property Manager is that it actually put our customers and partners in the driver seat when it comes to manage the configurations of akamaized properties. How, otherwise, would you explain such an awesome adoption of this tool?


We have observed a consistent growth in number of customers using it, consistent growth in number of domains managed by it and, maybe more interestingly, the ratio between domains and customers is also growing. In other words, Property Manager is being used not only by more customers every day but also more frequently by each one of them.


During its first year (whole 2013) the tool grew its usage by a factor of 150x. Well, this is what happens when you have a new creature But what about the second year? Still the growth is impressive. From January 2014 to August 2014, the number of properties managed by Property Managed has multiplied by 3. Today there are more than 2,500 customers using the application, the vast majority of them on their own. We at Akamai will be always happy to help when customers and partners require it, but I’d say that we may be even happier to check that most of the interventions are handled in an absolute self-service mode.


            Now, let’s go back to our APIs birthday. What could be better than making available a Provisioning API that reproduces the power of Property Manager in a programmatic mode? So, that’s what we did. The new Provisioning API (aka PAPI) is here. Available now, you can preview it and provide feedback before it is finally released for general usage. Going back to the car analogy, while Property Manager puts you in the driver seat, PAPI allows you to open the hood and directly manage (program) how you want the engine to behave.


            Last note. We want to know more what can we do for you or how can we do it better. Don’t feel afraid or sharing your experience with Property Manager, comment or ask. We are listening.