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Not all RWD sites are made equal - they come in all shapes and sizes. It is easy to demo Responsive on simple and beautiful sites and overlook performance. However, the reality is that the average real-world RWD site is slower and heavier than their mobile counterparts. In many situations, the daunting task of performance optimization is pushed out by business requirements and timelines.

Improving the performance for RWD sites doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming! This workshop will show how we can take a Responsive site and by making key changes can improve the performance for different screens resolutions, network conditions and devices. We will take a “naïve” RWD site, transform it, and make it fast using commonly available tools and techniques before your very eyes.

In this workshop, we’ll put an average RWD site on a 90 minute cleanse:

* We’ll optimize the site using a variety of techniques to reduce bytes transferred and total number of requests

* We’ll iterate through RWD performance best practices including responsive images, optimized media queries, conditional loading and more

* We’ll implement strategies to convert an RWD site into RESS while maintaining cacheability and performance

* We’ll benchmark performance with each iteration with an eye to visual complete

* We’ll compare results across different screen sizes, browsers, devices and geographic locations, sharing the tools used in the process