Edge2014 RWD Demo with Magento 1.9 CE

File uploaded by B-3-VXEADP Employee on Oct 20, 2014
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During the WebEx Roadmap presentations at Edge, I showed the performance of Ion Standard, and Premier on an RWD site.



* Magento 1.9 Community Edition

* Magento Sample Data

* Plugins for Social Media and recommendations

* Default rwd theme


Ion Standard:

* Base Page Caching based on frontend cookie session id

* FEO Standard (all settings turned on, no customization)

* One FEO template with different "url constant" for policy benchmark (using a different product detail page)



Ion Premier:

* All of the Ion Standard configurations

* Feo Premier (all settings turned on)

* As with Standard, one FEO template and different "url constant"

* Fast DNS using Zone Apex Mapping for hostname


Ion Premier + Image Converter + Design for Performance

* All of the Ion Premier configurations

* Device Characterization for caching based on is_mobile

* Source modified to remove html / js when the X-Akamai-Device-Characteristic header contains is_mobile (eg: remove zoomer javascript)

* Source modified to use <picture> element

* <picture> urls use Image Converter params to select different image resolutions based on display port