How to create or delete a Project

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A project is a great way to give collaborative work a context that's time-based and outcome-based. With a project, you collect people's content in a way that focuses their work along a schedule toward a specific goal. You can then create and assign people tasks and sub-tasks associated with the project to make sure everything gets done.

Follow these steps to create a project. After that, you can create some tasks for the project.

  1. Click Pencil icon > Project.
  2. Select a location for the project. Projects are associated with a place, such as a space or group. The place you choose will determine who can see and collaborate on the project.
  3. Select a place template for your project. Place templates determine what data tiles and streams make up your project's Activity page. By default, your group will use the General Collaboration Place Template, which is probably fine for most projects. However, there is a wide range of templates available for specific collaboration tasks. See Using Place Templates and the associated reference topics for more information. If you don't like the template you've chosen, you can always change it later. If you use the checkpoint and status functionality for tracking project tasks, you may want to stick with the old-style Overview page rather than updating to the Place Template format. The widgets in the Overview page more effectively support Projects at this time.
  4. Give the project a name and include descriptive details.
  5. Select a project start date and the end date. Use the target date for completing the project.
  6. Change the project owner, if necessary. The default owner is the person creating the project.
  7. Enter tags for the project to help people find it when they search.
  8. Click Advanced and select additional project features, such as blog if you want. The project inherits other features from the container you create it in.
  9. Click Browse Templates.
  10. Choose a Place Template for the new space. Place templates determine what tiles and streams will provide the layout and data for the Activity page. Choose the one that's right for the kind of collaboration that will happen here.
  11. Click Apply Template
  12. Click Create Project.

Deleting a Project

When you delete a project, you remove the entire project, including its content, from the system. You cannot undo a project deletion.

  1. Go to the project's Overview page and click Manage > Delete in the upper right corner.
  2. Confirm the project's deletion by clicking Delete.