Press Awareness 11/07/14: The Friday Five

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This week’s installment of “The Friday Five” follows… providing a snapshot of recent press coverage that demonstrates how Akamai is helping customers moveFaster Forward.


Highlights include continued strong awareness for Akamai’s security advisories and State of the Internet data; support for Sky Italia; Web performance thought leadership; and coverage from Singapore, Korea and Brazil.


Following is Volume XLV…



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Please note… at the end of Q3, Akamai published the State of the Internet-Security Report vol 1. No.1 marking another milestone in the integration of Akamai and Prolexic.  The report is an evolution of the former Prolexic DDoS Attack report and furthers the process of bringing Akamai’s collective data, intelligence and insight under the State of the Internet brand.  In tandem with the report launch, we announced the launch of Akamai’s new website the new home of Akamai’s reports, advisories and data visualizations.  A good amount of our press awareness each week stems from this important data and analysis.  Thanks for taking the time to explore

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DDoS Attacks on the Rise

Connected World

November 3, 2014


Akamai has released a report entitled Q3 2014 State of the Internet-Security Report, which features analyses and insights into cyber threats around the world, including DDoS attacks. According to John Summers, vice president Security Business Unit, Akamai Technologies, the volume of DDoS attacks this year have “gone through the roof.” Summers says in the third quarter alone, Akamai had 17 attacks of greater than 100 Gbps (gigabits-per-second), with the largest totaling 321 Gbps. “These mega-attacks each used multiple DDoS vectors to deliver large bandwidth-consuming packets at an extremely high rate of speed,” he says.


(For more security and State of the Internet thought leadership, see also SC Magazine, EFY Times, IT Wire, VAR India, InfoSecurity (1), InfoSecurity (2),, Fierce Enterprise Communications and WhaTech)




Sky Italia ‘turbo charges’ upload capabilities with Akamai and Aspera

TVB Europe

November 5, 2014


Sky Italia has implemented Akamai and Aspera solutions, with the aim of improving and simplifying its workflow. With the combination of the leading high-speed file transfer solutions from Aspera, an IBM company, and Akamai’s NetStorage cloud-based storage platform, Sky has seen an increase in file upload speed by up to 650 percent.


Since their launch in 2012, Sky needed to improve the upload speed of titles onto its storage systems for its Sky Go and Sky on Demand video content services, in order to grow the breadth and quality of its content offerings.


“With a 2,500-movie library, almost five million subscribers to our satellite channels and more than two million weekly downloads, it is important that we are able to offer new content in the fastest and most effective way without affecting quality,” explained Vincenzo Roggio, distribution platform design and development engineer, Sky Italia. “Since we added Akamai’s new Aspera high speed file upload service to our NetStorage platform, we have dramatically increased upload speed, resulting in an optimized content management workflow.”


(See also: Advanced Television, PCC Mobile Broadband, Telecompaper, and Panorama Audiovisual)




The Web is Getting Slower

Business 2 Community

November 7, 2014


To find out what was causing the Web to drag, I sat down with Akamai who had made the comment about the slowdown, Mike Afergan, SVP and GM of the Web Experience Business Unit at Akamai.  And he said that the reason the Web is slowing down for so many of us isn’t a problem with the Web itself, but with how many of us now use the Web.


Afergan said, “In technology we typically think about things getting better, cheaper, faster... And then faster, faster, faster. And that’s kind of just generally our perception. For a given situation, a given hardware, a given connection, a given webpage, etc., things do get better and things have been getting better. But if you just think about how we’re interacting with this thing we call the Web today, it’s so much more situational and as you go through situations, whether it be devices, whether it be cellular, whether it be richer pages, whether it be more congested networks, that you actually see across many situations that the performance numbers are getting worse.”


What can businesses who need to deliver Web content to an increasingly mobile user base do to boost Web performance up to desktop-like levels? Afergan said, “… the fundamental point is having a framework where you have a variety of optimizations, and then you pick the right ones based on the situation.”


(For more on Web performance thought leadership, see Twinkle)




Akamai Appoints David Aitken as Head of Legal Counsel for Asia-Pacific-Japan (APJ) Region

Asia Law Portal (Singapore)

November 4, 2014


Akamai has announced the appointment of David Aitken as Director and Lead Counsel for the Asia- Pacific-Japan (APJ) region. According to a media release, Aitken will be based in Akamai’s APJ headquarters in Singapore.


He will be responsible for directing transactional, litigation and compliance matters for the company in the region.  As the legal business partner on the APJ management team, Aitken will also be actively involved in setting the strategy for the region, as well as supporting geographic expansion, the company outlined.




Akamai: "IoT era, data congestion and security must be addressed"

iNews24 (Korea)

October 2014


Akamai’s Neil Cohen speaks to media in Korea about Akamai’s value proposition, product focus, and progress in addressing the Internet’s grand challenges.


(See also Korean coverage in MK and






TV Globo (Brazil)

(Jornal Nacional: a national TV news program seen by 45 million viewers.)

October 30, 2014


Link to broadcast coverage follows:


(advance to 1:50 to see interview with Akamai’s Jonas Silva)