Press Awareness 11/28/14: The Friday Five

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This week’s installment of “The Friday Five” follows… providing a snapshot of recent press coverage that demonstrates how Akamai is helping customers move Faster Forward.  Highlights include:


  1. Kicking off the holiday shopping season
  2. Industry analyst coverage in Wired
  3. How Akamai helped make Internet history
  4. Akamai’s views on hiring info sec professionals
  5. Akamai’s role in “Let’s Encrypt”


Shoppers gobble up holiday deals on Thanksgiving

Internet Retailer

November 28, 2014


Consumers are certainly window shopping, even if they aren't pulling out the money just yet. By 12 p.m. EST, the North American web traffic to retail sites was already hovering at 165% above normal web traffic, according to Akamai's Net Usage Index. Akamai tracks in real time the traffic to web site in various industries, including retail. For comparison, traffic to consumer goods web sites was 7% above normal, while traffic to hotel and travel web sites was up 7%. Traffic to social media web sites, including such networks as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, was up 28%.


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The Web Is Getting Slower, At Least in How We All Experience It


November 28, 2014

To find out what was causing the Web to drag, I sat down with the Akamai speaker who had made the comment about the slowdown, Mike Afergan, SVP and GM of the Web Experience Business Unit at Akamai. And he said that the reason the Web is slowing down for so many of us isn’t a problem with the Web itself, but with how many of us now use the Web.

Afergan said, “In technology we typically think about things getting better, cheaper, faster.. And then faster, faster, faster. And that’s kind of just generally our perception. For a given situation, a given hardware, a given connection, a given webpage, etc., things do get better and things have been getting better. But if you just think about how we’re interacting with this thing we call the Web today, it’s so much more situational and as you go through situations, whether it be devices, whether it be cellular, whether it be richer pages, whether it be more congested networks, that you actually see across many situations that the performance numbers are getting worse.”

How the 'Star Wars: The Phantom Menace' trailer made Web history


November 28, 014


Akamai's technology was one of many important steps forward in enabling the Internet to become the global communication tool it is today. Vast numbers of people are able to keep in touch and enjoy even intensive processes like watching video online -- which is how millions of people will no doubt spend the time while they wait for "Episode VII: The Force Awakens" to land in movie theatres in December 2015.


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Non-traditional employee recruitment may remedy security hiring woes


November 24, 2014


Andy Ellis, chief security officer for Akamai Technologies Inc., based in Cambridge, Mass., has been experimenting with non-traditional infosec hiring for a number of years, with great success. Amid intense competition for experienced candidates, Ellis has adopted a strategy that focuses less on infosec experience and more on applicants who have the ability to learn quickly, the drive to do great things and a team-first attitude that puts the team's success ahead of their own.


"[CISOs] all have jobs that we need to do that aren't actually security jobs," Ellis said. "A key success criterion for us is to surround people from non-traditional backgrounds with security people so they can learn and grow."



EFF Spearheads Safer Web Initiative

Tech News World

November 24, 2014


HTTPS, which consists of layering HTTP on top of the SSL/TLS protocol, has been around for years, but "certificate management and TLS in general tends to be a bit of a black art," said Stephen Ludin, chief architect at Akamai.


"When you add to that, that obtaining certificates can be cumbersome and costly for an average webmaster, the benefits do not merit the effort," he told TechNewsWorld.  Security "is the same all over," Ludin continued. "If it's inconvenient, people will find reasons not to do it."


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130 bases, delivered to 60,000 people: DENSO adopts Akamai for in-house portal site

ZDNet Japan

November 26, 2014


Auto parts giant Denso has adopted the cloud-based web performance solutions from Akamai for its global information portal site, Akamai announced on November 26.


According to Denso, they adopted the “Alta” cloud-based application delivery platform that provides the delivery of large volumes of data quickly and safely to anywhere in the world.


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