Troubleshooting: "Invalid Timestamp" error

Document created by B-3-17HC18P Employee on Dec 15, 2014
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Sometimes when you're making an Open API call you'll get a mysterious Error 400 with an "invalid timestamp" response looking something like this:


  "problemType": "",
  "title": "Bad request",
  "httpStatus": 400,
  "detail": "Invalid timestamp",
  "problemInstance": "https://akaa-xxxxxxxxxx-************",
  "authHeader": "EG1-HMAC-SHA256 client_token=akaa-xxxxxxxxxxx;access_token=akaa-************-************;timestamp=20131024T22:23:49+0000;nonce=5993acc3-0734-403c-88c4-f9184e8d0a01;signature=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx=;",
  "requestMethod": "GET"


This is normally due to clock skew on the machine that's making the API call. Akamai Open APIs only tolerate a clock skew of at most 30 seconds to defend against certain network attacks.


To fix this issue, you just need to update your system clock by synchronizing it with a standard time service. Here are some links to third-party tutorials that can help you, (or search the web for "[my operating system] sync to internet time"):