Press Awareness 02/13/15: The Friday Five

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This week’s installment of “The Friday Five” follows… providing a snapshot of recent press coverage that demonstrates how Akamai is helping customers move Faster Forward. Highlights include:


  1. Security Thought Leadership
  2. Akamai Talks Web Performance
  3. Making Investments in Mobile
  4. Akamai Crushes the Quarter
  5. Talking Player Development at Streaming Media



Akamai CSO: DDoS Attacks 'Absolutely' Rising


February 9, 2015


Akamai Chief Security Officer Andy Ellis told CRNtv that the company is “absolutely seeing a rise in DDoS attacks” against both small and large companies.


Ellis said most companies are very surprised when they experience their first distributed denial-of-service attack – and therein lies the problem. The best defense against DDoS attacks is being prepared and finding the right balance of employee accessibility and security measures.


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Responsive Web Design: start small*


February 11, 2015


"The mobile revolution has surprised the Web,” repeatedly declares Guy Pojdarny , CTO, Web Experience, Akamai. A joke which is prescient because companies, broadcasters and mobile network operators today are faced with the challenge of effectively managing a veritable wave of mobile devices that access web sites and applications.


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*Authored by Akamai’s Luca Collacciani


SoftBank, Akamai invest in mobile broadband tech developer Saguna Networks

ZD Net

February 12, 2015


The investment makes sense for both SBVK and Akamai as providers of mobile broadband and cloud services. The West demands more access to mobile Internet access and there are heavier requirements for spectrum than ever, and so any startup which can make network economics more efficient and reduce congestion or bottlenecks -- where networks slow down due to traffic levels -- is a worthwhile investment.


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Akamai CEO Leighton Notes Mobile, Gaming Among ‘Tailwinds’


February 10, 2015


“We had good industry tailwinds — the push to mobile, the push to cloud, the push to getting stuff online, the need for security,” said Leighton. “It plays right into our strengths and products.”  Akamai has been talking up those trends for several quarters now, but Leighton said “Q4 was particularly good.”


“There’s more traffic.  More need for speed as web pages get heavier.  Everyone is going to mobile where you have serious performance challenges, and we can really help with that.  And the attackers are increasing in scale and sophistication and the damage they do, and we can really help there too.”  Asked about specific kinds of Internet traffic, Leighton singled out gaming as a strong source of media revenue for the quarter.


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Akamai: How MSE, EME, and WebCrypto Will Join to Kill Flash

Streaming Media

February 12, 2015


"The trouble is there's many devices arising—mobile phones and tablets specifically—which don't support Flash. The footprint of the Flash player is certainly declining," began Will Law, chief architect of the media division at Akamai. Replacing Flash is currently a complicated business. "You need a huge player team if you want to provide what we used to be able to do with a single Flash player in the past across the wide variety of hardware and operating systems that we need to deliver video through today."


However, replacing Flash is about to become a whole lot simpler.