Press Awareness 06/12/15: The Friday Five

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This week’s installment of “The Friday Five” follows… providing a snapshot of recent press coverage that demonstrates how Akamai is helping customers move Faster Forward. Highlights include:


  1. Fruugo goes global with Akamai
  2. Akamai security business moving the needle
  3. 7,200 seconds of DDoS…now how much would you pay?
  4. Talkin’ Akamai with Sidharth Malik
  5. Mamas, don’t let your web sites grow up to launch DDoS


Fruugo migrates onto Akamai platform

Retail Systems

June 12, 2015


“Not only is Akamai the acknowledged market leader in CDN Services, but in the few short weeks since we went live with them they have already proven to provide significantly better performance (and at a better price) than our previous CDN provider,” says Richardson. “We want to make it easy for the shoppers of the world to shop through Fruugo. Not all retailers on Fruugo have the internal resources to market their products to all territories, so what we can now offer them is access to our traditional great service but further enhanced by our partnership with Akamai, which we believe will deliver speed, consistency of performance, drive increased conversions, improve customer satisfaction, and ultimately provide the power to increase sales and revenues.”


Akamai Takes Strategic Steps with Focus on Security Solutions Business

June 11, 2015


Content Delivery Network giant Akamai recently announced a new strategic alliance with industry-leading managed security services firm Trustwave.  The company also announced the opening of a new Security Operations Center in Bangalore, India.  Security solutions is an integral part of Akamai’s value added services and the company is clearly focusing on improving its capabilities on this front…


Akamai is a leading Content Delivery Network provider and delivers between 15-30% of all Web traffic.   The company has also positioned itself as a full services provider by offering multiple value added services such as the delivery of targeted advertising, cloud-based services and security solutions to its customers. Akamai has made two big strategic moves in the last few days with a focus on security solutions.


The company has decided to collaborate with Trustwave, a Chicago-based information security company. Akamai also announced the opening of a new Security Operations Center in Bangalore, India. The SOC adds significant bandwidth capacity and 24/7 expertise to Akamai’s extensive global cyber defense network.


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SC Congress Toronto: DDoS trends show SaaS apps, home routers increasingly targeted

SC Magazine

June 11, 2015


At SC Congress Toronto, Dave Lewis, global security advocate at Akamai, highlighted distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack trends that the security firm has seen over the past year, including saboteurs' penchant for targeting unsecured devices, like routers, to further their campaigns.


In addition to attacking Joomla servers and other software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps, Lewis shared on Thursday that “home routers are getting hit like crazy, because people tend not to look at them,” or do anything about securing these devices from threat actors.


“You can enslave them into a botnet, so they are used for a [DDoS] attack platform,” Lewis noted. The security expert also pointed out the increased commoditization of DDoS attacks by various groups, including Lizard Squad, which have offered malicious services in monthly packages, from $5.99 (in Bitcoin) for 100 seconds of DDoS attacks to $69.99 for 7,200 seconds of traffic fire aimed at targets.


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Making the Internet Fast, Reliable and Secure

VAR India Brand Book

June 8, 2015


“Customers would prefer having an infrastructure in place that will resolve the interruption before it reaches the core. Since volatile attacks are being developed in a fast proportion and in order to meet the demands of the future, we will require technology that can provide the right amount of governance and support.”


DDoS Attacks Continue to Evolve

Data Breach Today

June 9, 2015


Much has changed since the early days of DDoS exploits, when not all attackers attempted to monetize their DDoS capabilities, says Richard Meeus, an enterprise security architect manager for content delivery network provider Akamai, which also sells DDoS mitigation services.


"They were also used by script kiddies, the monetization part wasn't really used to a great extent at that point. We tended to see it as more from the hacktivist point of view," he tells Information Security Media Group. Those attack campaigns, furthermore, were more of a nuisance than a threat to the business. "The attack vector was very large, but the actual sizes were quite small, and the number of bots that you needed to create the attack was very large, but the actual effect was very easy to mitigate."


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Akamai’s Jiff Rollout Receives Great Recognition

Jiff Blog

June 10, 2015


We are thrilled to congratulate Sarah Sardella and the whole US/Corporate Benefits team at Akamai for receiving internal recognition for their Jiff Incentives implementation:


“The Jiff Program hasn’t only been instrumental creating awareness about Wellness at Akamai, but in essence, it has created a branded Akamai Experience. It has ... contributed to team building with competitions with steps and… in a way, it also has served as the first version of an internal Akamai social community. I think Sarah and her team has done a tremendous job with this program in not only furthering Akamai's Benefits offerings, but also building its culture.” - Tom Baldwin, Senior Director of Compensation and Benefits