Streaming VOD FTP Ingest Point

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Description of the available features on the Octoshape VOD Streaming service with the FTP ingest point.




Provisioned Octoshape VOD streams with prefix and Octoshape ftp ingest point.




  1. Overall Flow
    • ftp to the ingest point
    • files are then propagated to the Octoshape Cloud
    • the propagated file will be removed from the ftp directory once it is successfuly propagated
    • a log is generated in the log.txt file in the root of the ftp directory
  2. Ingest/FTP
    • FTP Ingest Point: Octoshape will supply you with the appropriate FTP address for ingesting your vod content
  3. VOD Prefix
    • Octoshape will supply you with the vod prefix.  It is typically in this format: octoshape://
    • Users can create sub directories in the ftp ingest point and reference the vod file as octoshape://
  4. File Names
    • Any file name extension that Octoshape does not understand will be reported as a failure in the log.txt file which will always be in the ftp root directory
  5. File Operations
    • Deleting: To delete a file you can upload the same file name with an empty byte.
    • MD5 feature: If a user wants to guard against any file transfer corruption issue this is the feature to use.
      • Start by doing a md5 checksum on your local file
        • md5sum filename.flv | cut -f1 -d' ' > filename.md5
          • there is a space between the single quotes
      • The md5 checksum file should be named filename.flv.md5
      • Upload the filename.md5 file first
      • Then upload the filename.flv file
      • Octoshape will reject the file and not propagate if the md5 does not match
        • In the log file there will be a line item during the checksum processs: 2011-04-02 02:00:42 WAIT md5chkfile2.flv will compute file checksum
        • There won't be a success message in the log file.
        • If the checksum is bad there a FAIL line in the log file as well as an output file filename.flv-FAILED.txt
          • this file will list the reasons for the failure:  2011-04-02 02:14:43 FAIL badmd5chkfile.flv Expected md5=bf54ec19cc59ad57b27353d754fcefb1; got af54ec19cc59ad56b2


      • You can delete the file and restart the process.
  6. Log file
    • The log file is placed in the ftp root directory and named as log.txt
    • The status descriptions in the file:
      • NEW: a new file that has not been processed
      • WAIT: the file is being processed
      • SKIP: nothing needs to be done for the file
      • FAIL: an error occurred with the processing
      • DONE: the file has been successfully propagated
  7. Real-time transmuxing
    • In config.txt at the root of the ftp directory the syntax is parameter [space] value [new line]
    • Syntax: transcodeF4VtoFLV true
    • Syntax: transcodeMP4toFLV true
    • This transcode f4v and mp4 containers to flv for faster playback since full headers do not have to be downloaded prior to the start of the stream
    • Values:
      • true: transmux the file while uploading and uses the original file name to construct the Octoshape link.
      • false: no transmuxing
      • rename: transmux the file while uploading and changes the extension .mp4 or .f4v to .flv to construct the Octoshape link.
      • both: transmux the file while uploading and preserves the original file name and creates a new file name with the .flv extension.  This doubles the storage requirement.